GH’s New Esme Prince: Is She Destined to Destroy Spencer and Trina?

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Since Esme is no longer evil, she might just be a force in Port Charles.
Can Esme Prince really derail the Sprina train?Photo bySoap Hub

Evil Esme Prince was a master at throwing obstacles in the path of her old boyfriend, Spencer, and his new love, Trina. She loathed her romantic rival and was unscrupulous in attempting to bring her down. But the new kinder gentler version of the character poses an even bigger threat to the couple in waiting. In fact, the new Esme is destined to destroy Spencer and Trina.

Esme Prince: Vile Vixen

When Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) was a villainess, Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) and his pals knew exactly what to expect from her – all things nasty. She drugged Trina (Tabyana Ali). She made a sex video of Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Cameron (William Lipton) and uploaded it to the Internet. And, in a perfectly plotted step three, she framed Trina for the crime. Poor Trina ended up facing prison time, until she was exonerated at the last minute.

Esme was a diabolical force of evil. She was totally despicable, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. There was no gray area regarding the GH vixen. She was bad to the bone, which made it easy for Spencer, Trina, and their friends to band together to hate her and stop her.

General Hospital: Character Switch

But since Esme’s second fall off the Wyndemere parapet, which has rendered her an amnesiac, everything has changed. She has no recollection of her past or her horrible misdeeds. She’s confused, unsure of herself, and a somewhat innocent shell of her former self.

On top of all that, poor Esme has had to digest the fact that crazy Heather and the late Ryan, a murderous psychopath, are her biological parents. She’s also had to adjust to new motherhood, having just given birth to her baby son, Ace. It’s an incredible amount for the young woman to handle, particularly since she has no real loving family that she can recall or truly trust.

Esme Prince: Sympathetic Threat

The bizarre situation, however, has actually helped Esme’s cause. As a sympathetic and defenseless single mother, she’s more of a threat to Spencer and Trina than ever before. Why? Because she has a literal Ace up her sleeve. Her infant son is also Spencer’s baby brother. Spencer is drawn to the child and determined to protect him, and it could very likely draw him closer to Esme.

And with Esme, Ace, and Spencer all living under the same roof with Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and Laura (Genie Francis), the writing is on the wall for a special closeness to develop between the threesome. It’s a bond that will be difficult for Tina to compete with. She could find herself out in the cold once again, as the new Esme destroys Spencer and Trina’s blossoming relationship just as it was getting started.

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