Megan Hathway Isn't Done With Her Antics

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What happens when a Salem lie becomes the truth?
Does Megan Hathaway have one more secret up her sleeve?Photo bySoap Hub

DAYS spoilers tease that Megan Hathway may not be done with her mischief-making. When viewers first met Megan, she was Bo’s high school sweetheart…who never got the chance to tell him she’d had their baby. Megan’s mother kept them apart, and Megan was forced to give the baby up for adoption. She then introduced Bo to his son, Zachary (not to be mistaken for Bo and Hope’s late son, born years later, with the same name).

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

For a while, Bo (Peter Reckell) was torn between Megan (Miranda Wilson) and Zachary, and Hope (Kristian Alfonso). But then the boy was revealed to be a fraud…and Megan was revealed to actually be the child of Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo). That’s when Bo lost all interest in Megan. And Megan became obsessed with Bo. But what if Megan actually did have Bo’s child…it just wasn’t the one she claimed?

DOOL: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How?

Megan didn’t always know that she was Stefano’s child. And she did tell Bo the truth about one thing: Her mother did scheme to keep them apart. So what if Megan did give birth to Bo’s baby? Only her mother stole the newborn and told Megan the child had died…which is why Megan had to resort to a replacement.

DAYS Spoilers: Baby Collector

And what did Megan’s mother do with her secret grandchild? Why, she gave it to Stefano, of course! Stefano loves collecting children. His…other people’s…Stefano values nature and nurture. He’s raised kids who were related to him and kids who weren’t. Stefano would have loved to raise his granddaughter.

It’s a Days of our Lives Girl

Yes, we’ve decided it’s a girl. That will really upset Ciara (Victoria Konefal). Her other sister, Chelsea, isn’t around much, so Ciara likes to think of herself as Daddy’s favorite little girl. She won’t like the competition.

Megan, meanwhile, will jump at the chance to try her original scheme a second time — with her real baby. Heck, being a mother might even be a good influence on Megan. It might turn her into a human. Though no one should hold their breath.

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