Will Douglas Forrester Stay The Bold and The Beautiful Course with Hope and Liam?

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Douglas Forrester says “Home Sweet Home” to Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Douglas Forrester loves his mother but his hope for the future is to be with both her and Thomas.Photo bySoap Hub

Douglas Forrester opted to move back home with Hope and Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful. He appears content, but he’s made it clear to his dad Thomas that he wants to be under the same roof someday with both Hope and Thomas.

Douglas Forrester: Man on the Move

Will Douglas be content to remain living with Hope and Liam? Or will he want to spend time with his father — not just to hang out but also to manipulate his mom and dad to get back together? Or will he hear the ocean calling and want to move back to Aunt Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to go pirate-hunting with Uncle Finn (Tanner Novlan)?

B&B: Doubting Thomas

Some of you, 23%, feel that Douglas isn’t going to make any figurative waves as long as his father doesn’t pull any stunts. He’ll be happy to split his time with his parents, but if Thomas asks him to start lying again about babies being alive or fake calls to Child Protective Services, then Douglas is going to act up, speak out, and be the voice of reason in the Forrester family.

Douglas Forrester: Bold and The Beautiful Daddy’s Boy

Douglas has chosen in recent weeks to live with either Steffy or Hope, but about 37% of you believe that the little guy really wants to live with his dad. Thomas is the parent whom Douglas knows the longest and knows the best. Douglas not only wants to live with his dad, but he knows that his presence might help keep Thomas from going to the dark side. Douglas’s past decision on his guardianship has energized B&B. Changing his mind again could result in more drama!

The Good B&B Son

We’ve no doubt that Samiri could play anything that B&B gives him — like a turn as a ‘Bad Seed’ — but we don’t see Douglas doing that. He’s good and honest just like his late mother, Caroline (Linsey Godfrey). Douglas came clean with the news that baby Beth is alive, and he told Steffy that Brooke didn’t make the call to CPS. He does the right thing. Douglas is honest, and it’s not to a fault. About 40% say he’s going to stay the course because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

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