What’s Really Going On With Gregory Chase on General Hospital?

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Does Alexis need to mind her own GH business?

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Alexis was so sure that Gregory Chase was drunk that she demanded his car keys and forbade him from driving home. She was explaining as much to Sam when the crack detective found out that the college professor hadn’t been served any alcohol from the bar. Alexis speculated that he carried a flask, and also that he was a lying liar who lies. Which may be the case. But what is he lying about?

Elementary, My Dear Watson

It’s not just that Gregory (Gregory Harrison) was slurring his words and denying being drunk. If there is one thing Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) knows, it’s that people who deny being drunk are definitely drunk. It’s people who admit that they’re drunk who aren’t drunk. Or so the logic goes?

In any case, it’s not just that. It’s also that Gregory lied about why he couldn’t work with Alexis at the newspaper anymore. There had to be a nefarious reason. It couldn’t be that he simply didn’t want to work with Alexis at the newspaper anymore…and was trying to be polite about it.

General Hospital: Sick in the Head

When Gregory first popped up in Port Charles, he had Lyme Disease. If left untreated, Lyme Disease can spread to the nervous system. Being unsteady on your feet and slurring your words can also be a symptom of worsening Lyme Disease.

Maybe Gregory just got the diagnosis, and he needs to focus on getting well. He didn’t want to tell Alexis because…to start with, it’s none of her business. So, yeah, he lied. About something he was under no obligation to share with her.

General Hospital: Worse News For Gregory Chase

Or this could have nothing to do with Lyme Disease. Gregory could have received a more dire diagnosis in the past weeks. Which, once again, he doesn’t feel a need to share with Alexis. Not until he’s come to terms with it himself. And told his sons. Who deserve to hear it from him. Not the woman who pried the truth out of him. In any case, this is his call, nobody else’s.

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