Does Liam Spencer Have A Right To Be Upset With Hope on B&B?

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Liam Spencer may feel understandably betrayed by Hope.
Liam Spencer doesn't like Thomas working alongside Hope.Photo bySoap Hub

Hope and Liam Spencer are mostly a happily married couple on The Bold and the Beautiful. Recently, however, Hope made a decision to let Thomas back into her life and that’s not making Liam very happy.

Liam Spencer: Man in Conflict

Liam must feel like he’s talking to a wall at times. He thought he and Hope (Annika Noelle) were on the same page about Thomas, but Hope letting him back into the company has made Liam upset. Is he justified? Soap Hub posed this question to B&B fans.

Stay in Your Bold and the Beautiful Lane

Some of you, about 21%, say that Liam has no right to be upset with Hope. Just as she has no right to dictate who he works with, Liam has no right to get on Hope’s case about who she’ll hire as a designer. She’s agreed to work with Thomas. She’s not going to start socializing with him beyond that. Liam needs to understand that this is just business.

Liam Spencer Isn’t Wrong

Sure, business is involved, but with the Forresters, the two are often intertwined. That’s why many of you, about 38%, feel that Liam has a valid reason to be upset with Hope. She has a right to rehire him to save her business? Okay. Then, Liam has every right to not be happy about it. Just because this is something that Hope wants doesn’t mean Liam has to like it.

Hopeless for the Future

The rest, about 41% of you, say that Liam definitely has a right to be upset with Hope. She told him she’d seen the light as far as Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) was concerned. Doesn’t Hope recall that Thomas knew about her daughter Beth being alive, and he remained silent? Then, she went ahead and let him come back to the company. Does Hope believe that Thomas is actually the only designer who can save her line? That, more than anything, should concern Liam. It’s as if Hope is looking for reasons to keep Thomas in her life.

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