DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation: Baby Daddy Drama Comes Stephanie Johnson’s Way

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DAYS spoilers hint no one can ever be truly happy, and we think Stephanie Johnson has big drama coming her way.
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Stephanie Johnson had a short but fiery love affair with Alex Kiriakis, but when he failed her in the worst way, she quickly moved on. DAYS spoilers show she’s making a go of it with Chad DiMera, and it’s going well so far. We predict this storyline will soon go off the rails, though.

DAYS Spoilers Wild Speculation

It’s a tale as old as soap opera time. Girl sleeps with boy, boy breaks her heart, and girl takes solace in the arms of another boy. Then, whoops, the pregnancy test comes back with two lines. Could this be Stephanie’s (Abigail Klein) future? If so, who is the baby’s daddy?

DAYS: A Pregnant Pause

Will it be Chad (Billy Flynn)? What a great way to cement their little blended family! The child would bring it all together and give Charlotte and Thomas an anchor to their potential new step-mommy. How sweet!

Let’s not forget Alex is also in the running. This would throw quite a wrench into his playboy plans. But, it would also give him a reason to try to woo Stephanie again. Can she stay mad at him while carrying his child? We think not!

This could definitely get things heated as the two men battle it out to prove they are the best man to be a father to her child. They’d not only be fighting for her heart but her baby too. Until the DNA results come back, that is.

Days of our Lives: And A Baby Makes Three…Or Four

Of course, this could go a completely different way. Will Stephanie become the new Sami (Alison Sweeney) and be pregnant with twins? One of each! Just imagine the drama that would ensue if Stephanie were to bear two children with two different fathers at the same time.

Has it been done before? Yes! Would it be fun to see it played out again – this time with a good girl instead of a baddie? Also yes. Stephanie is far too kind and levelheaded to plot and scheme (or is she?), so we’re sure she’d be honest and make a solid go of co-parenting…right? Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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