Do You Buy Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes Being B&B Friends?

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Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes are friends on The Bold and the Beautiful — for now.
Brooke Logan comforts her new friend Taylor Hayes.Photo bySoap Hub

Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes choosing themselves over Ridge made Bold and the Beautiful history. The two women are now acting like each other’s best friend, which is something many felt they’d never see.

Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan — Unlikely Pals

Will Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor (Krista Allen) go the distance with their newfound friendship? Or will they go back to being rivals either over Ridge or another man? Soap Hub asked B&B fans if they’re into the “Braylor” romance.

Enter Mr. Right

One way or another, Taylor and Brooke will find themselves at odds over a man. About 5% of you believe, however, that man won’t be Ridge (Thorsten Kaye). You think that Taylor and Brooke will cancel future pizza parties when another man comes along whom they both want in their lives.

Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes Are BFFs

Many of you, about 8%, say that Brooke and Taylor aren’t going to give up their relationship anytime soon. They spent way too many years as foes to go back to hating on one another. Plus, they’re united against Sheila. They need to keep their families safe from the naughty nurse.

They’re Unstoppable

A great number of B&B fans who responded, about 42%, feel it’s not necessarily a mutual concern over Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) that will keep Taylor and Brooke together. You feel that these two women have formed a deep bond over what they went through with Ridge over the decades. Brooke and Taylor have entered a new phase of their lives, and their relationship is unbreakable.

Bad Habits Die Hard

Some might say that the rest of you — 45% — are cynical. Others would call you realistic. You believe that Taylor or Brooke would drop the other like a hot potato if (when?) Ridge goes to one of them and says that he’s chosen her. While Taylor might take an analytical approach to such an inevitable situation given her profession, Brooke has always led with her heart. She’d be back with Ridge before anyone could say, “Unforgettable.”

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