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Why Jada Hunter deserves more than what Days of our Lives is giving her.

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Jada Hunter was an exciting and welcome addition to the cast of Days of our Lives. The actress was engaging and personable, and the character connected to Marcus Hunter, who, back in the day, got into exciting adventures with Steve and Kayla. She was connected to classic Salem, yet not biologically connected to anyone currently living there. The perfect character! This left Jada free to hook up with anyone who caught her fancy.

Nice To Meet You, Jada Hunter

Eric (Greg Vaughan) first caught her. He lived across the hall, which made it easier. The two embarked on a fun, flirty romance that seemed to be on the road to growing more serious. But then Eric decided he still loved his currently married ex-love, Nicole (Arianne Zucker).

So bye-bye, Jada (Elia Cantu). But then, oops, wouldn’t you know it — Jada was pregnant. And the one thing Eric always wanted was a child of his own. It was also something Nicole could never give him. (Though why Eric and Nicole can’t have a child via surrogate the way Nicole had Holly, was never made clear.) So far, so soapy.

DAYS Plot Twist

But then, in an attempt to be hip and topical, DAYS had Jada decide to get an abortion. (Whether Nicole pushed her into it is up to each viewer’s discretion.) Jada’s body, Jada’s choice. Sure, fine. But this is our soap. And you know what we want on our soap? Drama!

You know what we got as a result of Jada’s abortion? Three days of drama. And then…nothing. Sure, Eric and Nicole broke up over it. But he’s with Sloan Petersen now, so that love that comes along only once in a lifetime seems to have been put on the back burner. And Jada is back at work at the Salem Police Department. No muss, no fuss. And no drama.

Just Doing My Days of our Lives Job

Jada is a good cop, and it’s nice to see someone competent in this position. (Though, again, whether you think her trick with Johnny DiMera and the recording of Kristen DiMera’s confession was good copping or bad civil liberty protection is up to each viewer’s discretion.)

But all Jada is doing these days is catching criminals and commiserating with Rafe (Galen Gering) about how awful Eric and Nicole are. Will this lead to romance? Will these lead to anything? The character of Jada has so much potential. And so little of it is currently being explored.

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