Should Cameron Webber Keep Joss’s GH Secret?

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Is this Cam’s golden chance for a little General Hospital payback?
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On General Hospital, Josslyn Jacks first told Cameron Webber that she didn’t owe him anything. They were broken up. She was with Dex Heller now. And then, in the next breath, she ordered her old boyfriend to keep her new relationship a secret.

General Hospital Polling

Because she was afraid ex-stepdaddy Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) would have Dex (Evan Hofer) killed if he found out his new favorite henchman was hitting the sheets with the ex-Mafia princess. (Though we are not sure why Sonny would care about Dex’s love life. He let his beloved Jason Morgan do what he wanted in that regard. Why would Dex be different?) Should Cam keep Joss’s secret?

Selective GH Memory

Cam (William Lipton) can blab, 18% of you hedge. But he should be picky about whom he tells. He can tell Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). She won’t go blabbing to Sonny. He can tell Trina (Tabyana Ali). She’s too classy to go blabbing to Sonny. And he can tell his friends at college. Contrary to what Joss (Eden McCoy) might think, she’s not the center of the universe, and total strangers don’t give a damn about her sex life.

Cameron Webber: Love Pact

As the song goes: And if you really love them, don’t you always love them? A romantic 25% of the audience believes that Cam should continue to be at Joss’s beck and call, even after she dumped him and he found out she cheated on him. Do what she says, Cam. Or else Joss will never believe you really loved her at all.

Hit the GH Road, Joss

But the winning vote, 57%, came down to Cam doesn’t owe Joss a damned thing. She’s the bad guy here, not Cam. And if he wants to run through the streets exposing her lies, he can. We even think he should. Joss is due a nice, cold, bracing dose of reality.

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