Back Home: Is It Time For DAYS’ Philip Kiriakis To Return To Salem?

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Who will be waiting for Philip Kiriakis if he does return on Days of our Lives?
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Lucas Horton let brother Rex Brady know that their other brother, Philip Kiriakis, was still alive on Days of our Lives, and urged Rex to let Philip know their mother, Kate Roberts Brady, had died.

Days of our Lives Polling

As Philip hasn’t been mentioned for over a year, this sudden remembrance on his family’s part makes us think he must be headed back to Salem. Should Philip return? What over 2,000 regular viewers told us:

Chloe, Phloe, Broe Redux

Of course, he should, 5% cheer. Not for Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) sake — she’s dead, right? Right?? — but for Chloe Lane’s (Nadia Bjorlin). Why should she only be torn between Stefan (Brandon Barash) and Brady (Eric Martsolf) when we can through the guy who literally went crazy over her into the picture?

Philip Kiriakis: Wait Just a Little Bit Longer

Chloe’s romantic status is too tentative right now, 14% of voters hedge. Wait for her to pick Stefan or Brady and for them to really fall deeply into a relationship before bringing Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) back. More bang for your buck that way.

DAYS: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

We’re really not excited for more crazy Philip, 24% of the audience is setting terms. If he’s to return to Salem, we want him over that little mental break where he decided to frame Brady for his own murder in order to somehow claim Chloe…while presumed dead. Better if he were back to his old self, and ready to fight for Chloe romantically…not homicidally.

Philip Kiriakis: For Mom’s Sake

But for a majority of you, 57%, the reason for Philip to return is in order to honor Kate. Especially if, as we suspect, her death is only the usual Salem temporary state. They deserve to be reunited. And Kate can help Philip out of the trouble he left behind when he disappeared.

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