Child marriage, presently considered a social evil in India , continues to be practiced among orthodox religious groups , especially in rural areas. It has been an impenetrable issue.

Child marriage ruins the life of the child by violating his or her rights. This has an affect on both their physical and mental health. Both boys and girls are almost equally affected. However, girls are affected a little more than the boys.

As per the statistics each year at least 1.5 million under girls are married off in India, which makes our country the largest contributor towards the number of child brides in the world. Nearly 16% are married off within the age bracket of 15 and 18.

The reasons for child marriage


2. Lack of Education

3. Patriarchy and gender inequalities

4. Political and financial reasons.

5. Cultural traditions.

6. Dowry

7. Fear of child remaining unmarried.

8. Religious and social pressure.

Effects of child marriage.

1. Intergenerational cycle of poverty

2. Health is affected due to early pregnancy.

3. Effect on sexual health of young girls.

4. Unable to have family planning or run home properly.

5. Financial problems.

This social evil can be curbed only when both society and the government take stringent actions, the government needs to pass strict laws in accordance to child marriage. At present no court can take cognizance of any offence under the present act after the one year from the date on which offence is alleged to have been committed. This further dilutes the efficacy of the law.

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