Depression is mental health disorder characterized by interminable feeling of grief due to which a person begins to lose interest in his daily activities. In fact depression is common but a very serious problem therefore neglecting the symptoms of depression can lead to unhealthy lifestyle which can have negative impact on our emotional, physical, personal and professional growth.

The common symptoms of clinical depression are -

1.Problem in concentration

2. Constant headaches or pain in body.

3. Over eating .

4 . Irritated over futile matters

5. Self pity.

6. Helplessness, hopelessness.

7 . Loss of interest in sex

8. Thoughts of suicide

Depression can further be categorised into

1.clinical depression,

2.bipolar depression

3.Persistent depressive

4. Post natal depression.

Neglecting depression symptoms can result in serious problems. Depression is curable only with help of psychologist or psychiatrist.

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