One of the mandatory factors of our healthy growth is “Acceptance”. Accepting our true self happily, and understanding that no one on this earth is born perfect, nor perfection is vital for us to understand. Most often it’s our flaws that make us unique and special such as the curvy nose, messy hair, blemished skin and pungent dark circles.

If we interrogate closely we will understand that all this is blessing in disguise as all this is the result of hard work and there is nothing to be ashamed of but instead there lies the necessity to feel proud of every scar for it has enabled us to be more loving, compassionate, considerate and humane.

I've always been proud of being epileptic and am still achieving my goals. It helps me understand my capabilities and knowing I'm above this condition, and epilepsy can never rule my life.

In the same way , the dumb, the deaf and the limbless still show how the life still goes on , probably they may not be dealing with the daily chores like how you do but they have not stopped living. They are doing the same work but in more creative and innovative manner which is consequential gift for this world. But for this they have to embrace their flaws before converting them into their strength .

If they crib about their condition, we will never be able to read the most inspirational stories of most well known people today. Therefore stop cribbing and start loving life by accepting flaws with smile on your face. No one is perfect and no one can be.

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