This magical cave that produces rainbow light, found in Rainier National Park, may be deadly, officials have warned

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Grab screenshot from matt Nichols Instagram handle

Nature photographer Mathew Nichols posted a photo of the icy rainbow cave on his Instagram handle. This cave is situated at Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. The cave shows all colors of the rainbow on its icy roof. As Sunlight falls from an opening, the color is seen across the cave’s roof.

In his post, he had written a caption describing the cave, “Rainbow ice caves at Mt Rainier!!! When the sun hits the outside of these ice caves at Mt Rainier just right, they turn into rainbow ice caves!!! I could not believe my eyes. I went up to Mt Rainier specifically to explore the ice caves and never imagined they would be SO COLORFUL.”

Nicholas posted a video of this rainbow cave on his Instagram handle, showing a water channel running inside the cave, making it more adorable.

In response to this post, National Park Services releases a statement “To clarify, the photo is of a meltwater channel running underneath a perennial snowfield (snow that persists through the summer). Officials strongly discourage visitors from approaching or entering ice caves or meltwater channels as they are prone to spontaneous collapse due to melting, which is accelerated this time of year. Collapse or ice and rock fall could be fatal or cause severe injuries to those who venture inside or near the entrance."

Continuing, they added, “Those entering these channels/caves are in danger of hypothermia due to the combination of cold air temperatures inside and colder meltwater flowing from the snowfield. Meltwater volumes inside will increase throughout the day (just as stream crossing hazards are greater in the afternoon).”

In addition, the NPS authorities explained that Mount Rainier National Park was recognized for a few well-developed ice caves. Still, these regions have become unstable and unsafe due to the changing environment.

The park closed the ice caves in the 1980s owing to dangerous circumstances, including large ice pieces falling from the tunnel roof.

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