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I am a total believer in manifestation! I think that the energy you channel into your dreams yields the results you want faster. That is why I start each day with an affirmation. If I have a specific task for the day or plans, I will try to cater my affirmation to that, but most Monday's I like to start it off with something that will carry me through the work week.

I know Monday's are tough for all of us so hopefully these affirmations are something that will help inspire you to get through the work week, or at least through the day until you can grab your rose and turning on The Bachelor!

Affirmations for your Monday:

1. I have the energy and the motivation to tackle all my tasks.

2. I am calm and centered in what I need to accomplish.

3. Monday is a fresh start and an opportunity for new ideas.

4. My Monday mood is a positive and optimistic one.

5. I manage my stress with an organized mindset.

6. I have all the motivation I need within me.

7. I am a boss.

8. I set myself up for success always.

9. When I feel stressed, I remember to take a deep breath and handle one thing at a time.

10. I will unplug at the end of the workday.

These are just a few examples that I offer if you do not know where to start but I find the best way to manifest is to actually write your own mantra or affirmation.

How do your write your own affirmation? Well, it can seem kind of difficult if you have never written yourself a mantra before but once you do it a few times you will actually be surprised how naturally it comes!

One place to start is to study other’s mantras. Do a quick search on Pinterest and you will find thousands! I have searched for affirmations so many times now that they just show up in my home feed of suggested pins. When I am having a tough day, I may search something like ‘mantras for getting through a bad day’ or ‘affirmations when you are feeling down’. When I am wanting to manifest a new project or goal, I’ll search something like ‘manifesting your goals’ or ‘mantras for being a boss’. Really just take any keyword like dreams or uplifting and add affirmation or mantra to it.

Another place to find mantras is in a yoga class. I have gotten some of my favorite inspiration from yoga instructors and the mantras they offer to start off a class.

And lastly, books and tarot cards! One of my favorite authors is Gabrielle Bernestein, who writes books on manifesting the life you want. Her books offer so many great affirmations along with amazing tips for manifesting. She also has created tarot card decks including one of my favorites, The Universe Has Your Back. Funny story about this deck of cards – the first card I ever pulled from this deck read “The universe has your back” and I was kind of annoyed because that was the title of the deck, I already knew that! Well two days later I was driving home and annoyed by all the red lights I was hitting only to encounter an accident on the freeway that had happened literally a moment before I had been at that place and instantly my mind realized, the universe had my back. I have never doubted a card since!

Once I have my inspiration, I pin these or write them down in my journal. Some of my journal pages are just pages filled with mantras I have found, loved, and tucked away for safe keeping. I refer to these when I am feeling uninspired. For me if I do not write it down, I will forget it, so this has proven to be a really great method for me. However you store this information put it in a place you can easily access.

With my journal and Pinterest filled with affirmations I then take those and shape them to my own needs. Maybe something that started as “I love my life and those in it” turns into “I love the place I am in this moment and am grateful for those who surround me”. For me, putting my own personal touch on it makes the affirmation feel stronger, like it is my own, and therefore my energy is channeling it and relating to it stronger than I would someone else’s words.

Now that is not to say that you cannot just take an affirmation you find and use it as is! If that mantra fits your needs and feeds your soul, then by all means, channel it! I recognize that we are not all writers and that we can relate to someone else’s words just as strongly as our own. So long as that affirmation feels like something you would say to yourself then it is working for you.

Never used an affirmation before? It can feel a little silly at first and I know there are skeptics out there. Trust me I get it! But once you start to incorporate a little positive message into each of your days it will become a ritual you appreciate more than you know! Let it feel silly at first, at least it will put a smile on your face. But one day, you will have an ‘ah-ha’ moment like I did with the car accident and you will realize this stuff works!

So how should I incorporate this into my day? However it feels right to you babe! I am a writer so for me I write it down in my 5-minute journal each morning. Maybe you put it on a sticky note on your mirror or in your planner for the day. Maybe it is just something you say to yourself. If you like meditation or have a yoga practice I recommend incorporating it into this. Breathe it in and breathe it out. Maybe you are a runner, say it to yourself as you lace up your sneakers. Think it as you drink your morning coffee. Just give yourself a quiet moment to soak in the words.

I hope these tips are something that you found helpful. For more daily affirmations head to my Instagram story, I share mine each day, @smileyrhylae. And please, share yours with me!

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