A psychological portrait of a passenger: what do flight attendants watch out for when we board the plane

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Once on the plane, you will never turn back and will be trapped in a metal tube with the other 200 people during the flight. From exploring your dream vacation to counting days, picking up and boarding planes, it's a very exciting time for anyone to embark on an adventure wherever they go. Some people like to fly, others like to stay on the ground, but to explore this wonderfully vast world, whether it's a three-hour flight or a long flight. It is a well-known fact that it is essential to fly.

Flight Attendants Watch Out for When We Boardflight

Passenger psychological portrait estimation does not end with habits. After the security test, you board the plane where the most interesting things begin. A smiling and charming air hostess is actually a walk-and-talk scanner that can tell a cool guy about a dangerous person at a glance. After a little research, we found seven things that the air hostess should remember when boarding an airplane.

1. If you don’t say “hello, flight attendant will definitely notice you

There's a reason flight attendants say "hello" to you-it's part of their profile process. People who can't even say "hello" can't be helped in an emergency. If someone is friendly and not hostile, it usually tells a lot about their personality and will probably help in dangerous situations.

2. You avoid eye contact

The flight attendants always look into the passenger's eyes when greeting the passenger on board. This is a worrying sign if passengers try to avoid eye contact. The idea is simple. If you do something wrong, take a different look. It's clear that not everyone who looks the other way did something wrong-this is just one of the signs that the air hostess is based on their conclusions.

3. You have a pale face and a red nose

Before boarding the plane, airport staff can ask passengers for a doctor's letter stating that their illness does not pose a danger to those around them and cannot be transmitted in the air. However, people with a cough or runny nose may be allowed to board an airplane if they say they have an allergic reaction to their cat. This is a problem for air hostesses. Because they have to ask them how they feel, pay more attention to it, and find a seat away from passengers who are also afraid to get infected.

4. You have leaflets and brochures

What if a passenger starts talking to everyone around him and tries to convince them to join a cult or something? The most important task of flight attendants is to make the flight safe and comfortable for everyone. Therefore, an excited passenger who wants to share his wisdom with everyone around him is a nightmare.

5. When answering questions, use too many interjections and speak too fast

Many interruptions and pauses are a sign that someone is worried. So if you talk too fast or too late, your flight attendants will be worried. This is what people who hide their true intentions do. Of course, no one expects to speak like a news article, but understanding it in a suspicious and difficult way can draw special attention from the flight attendants.

6. You look like a Greek god

If the stewardess or flight attendants smile at you and look at your strong arms, it's probably not because you're so attractive. She actually identified it as a possible source of help. This is useful if you have noisy or annoying passengers, an elderly woman with a very heavy suitcase, or if you need to open an emergency exit. Steering staff is happy to meet big and strong people, just like when a doctor, pilot, or rescue team is on board.

7. You are too fussy

Scratching head and wrists, stretching facial muscles, coughing, nodding, shaking heads, frequent repositioning, and all other non-verbal things, one hides something It's a sign that you're trying or want to do something. If someone laughs too much, you may be too worried. These passengers often require more attention and patience, as do those who are afraid to fly. Unstable people are quickly identified and the air hostess remembers where they are sitting and watching. These people can be aggressive and can affect flight safety.

8. If you look strong enough to help during An emergency

Safety at 35,000 feet is very important, and according to AOL, flight attendants aren't looking for dates for all flights but will evaluate your body in the event of an emergency in the air. Emergency situations are quite uncommon, so no one asks for help 9.9 out of 10 times, but assistants need as much help as possible. Therefore, the assistant will carefully examine your body and describe it as "fitting" or "not fitting". Of course, no one knows which class they belong to, but it's a very smart way to reduce emergency damage.

9. The Amount Of Luggage

Fashion Beans says the stewardess paid attention to our luggage after examining our appearance, physique, behavior, possible age, and health for 5 seconds. No passenger prefers a person with a handbag large enough to fill the overhead compartment, and neither does a servant. Large baggage not only affects departure time and carry-on baggage but can also pose a security threat as heavy suitcases can fall off the ceiling at any time. The coordinator who interviewed Fashion Beans suggests checking the website or checking the booking terms before the flight. In this way, both parties can enjoy a comfortable flight.

10. What kind of jewelry do you wear

In addition to appearance, Active Times states that jewelry is one of the first things aviation managers will notice. Specifically, it hangs jewelry and clothing that can pose a safety concern in an emergency. The delivery waiter told the website that most passengers can find out where they are dressed. They determine if the clothing is flammable or if the earrings are broken during evacuation.

Again, profiling is a combination of behavioral estimates rather than drawing conclusions based on a single word or action. Our own safety depends on the ability of the air hostess to draw these conclusions. Have you ever flown with a foreign passenger? Let us know in the comments section below.

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