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One month before a heart attack, your body will alert you with these eight signals. If you know what to look for, a heart attack can occur more than you expected, and health consciousness in the form of body warning signs can save your life. Knowing the risk factors is especially important. If you see wrinkles in the earlobe, yellow spots on the inner corners of the eyelids, pain in the calf muscles while walking, hair in the ear canal, or premature gray in men, you are at risk of a heart attack. These eight additional serious symptoms can occur one month before or before a heart attack, and that's how it alerts your body.
Physical warning before the heart attackStomachache

8. Fatigue

Abnormal malaise is a symptom that your body can warn you before a heart attack and can occur in 70% of men and women. Physical and mental exertion is not a cause of fatigue and seems to increase during the day. This symptom cannot be easily ignored. This can manifest itself in a way that makes everyday tasks too complicated, such as taking a shower or cleaning the kitchen.

7. Stomachache

In 50% of cases, abdominal pain is reported as a warning sign of an imminent heart attack. Swelling, discomfort, or nausea is the most commonly abdominal pain associated with a heart attack. They may even appear in episodes, which increase at short intervals, decrease again throughout the day, and can be exacerbated by physical stress.

6. Insomnia

A more common symptom among women is insomnia, with 50% suffering from this indicator. It can also warn against a heart attack. If you fall asleep, fall asleep, or have difficulty waking up earlier than usual, you may experience the early symptoms of insomnia due to a heart attack.

5. Breathing problems

In 40% of cases, men and women may have shortness of breath, symptoms that indicate the sensation of being unable to breathe deeply, or shortness of breath. Shortness of breath and dizziness may occur. Perhaps it's a way for the body to warn you that you are at risk for a heart attack.

4. Hair loss

Men over the age of 50 are particularly at risk for this condition, but it can be a visible and easily visible sign of heart disease, and even women can be at risk and should be ignored. is not. Excessive levels of cortisol hormone can manifest as parietal baldness or hair loss.

3. Arrhythmia

Despite all kinds of external stimuli, such as exercise, an increase in heart rate known as tachycardia, or various expressions of arrhythmia known as arrhythmia, can occur. This symptom is often accompanied by anxiety and panic attacks, especially in women.

2. Sweet

Abnormal or uncontrolled sweating, at any time of the day, but mostly at night, is an important sign of an imminent heart attack. If you notice that you are sweating, you may be at risk, regardless of the temperature you are exposed to. Excessive sweating is common in women and is easily confused with the symptoms of menopause and the flu.

1. Chest pain

Chest pain can occur in many forms, but men in particular need to pay particular attention to the signs of this early warning. This is because it occurs in only 30% of women. Chest compressions or pain, and a burning or stinging sensation in the chest can cause abnormally severe pain that can spread to one or both arms, primarily the left arm.

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