Strengthening immune system against viruses through foods

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According to the WHO, eating contaminated food causes more than 23 million people to get sick each year. And according to another report, there are as many different viruses in the sky as there are stars. Preventing our body from getting sick is the best solution to strengthen our immunity from the inside out. Fortunately, this is really easy.
Foods that can naturally boost your immunityBoost your immunity

We've compiled a list of 10 foods you can eat to boost your immunity naturally. And finally, you'll find an additional section on superfoods that work wonders on your body.

1. Almond

Apart from grams of almonds, which have the same calcium levels as 1/4 cup milk, these wonderful nutrients can help keep your body in shape. According to researchers, almonds specifically strengthen the immune system against viruses. Rich in vitamin E and fiber, it can also help control blood sugar levels.

2. Sunflower seeds

A perfect healthy snack, sunflower seeds can also prove your savior in terms of immunity. It reduces the risk of various chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, keeps the heart-healthy, and prevents the disease. It also works tremendously for pregnant women and helps the foetation grow in a healthy way.

3. Papaya

Papaya, rich in antioxidants, is a delicious and beneficial option. Some of these include fighting inflammation, reducing the risk of cancer, and suppressing digestion.

4. Kiwi

Kiwi can help asthma and strengthen the immune system by taking vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin E. It can also prevent symptoms such as colds and flu. Kiwi helps digestion and also helps protect against face loss.

5. Ginger

This easily available spice does wonders for your body. It lowers cholesterol, eases period pain, and increases the body’s ability to fight infections overall.

6. Elderberries

Elderberries are full of antioxidants and are often used to treat various diseases. These purple berries can fight stress and improve the inner workings of your immune system.

7. Oysters

Oysters are a delicacy for seafood lovers and are low in calories but nutritious. They are an excellent source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. When you eat oysters, they also contain zinc, which ensures that your immune system works. It also reduces the risk of diabetes.

8. Spinach

It's no wonder that spinach is good for you, but apparently, this nutritional power is also good for your immunity. Spinach is an excellent source of magnesium needed to maintain nerve function, a healthy heart, good blood pressure, and strong muscles.

9. Watermelon

Watermelon not only keeps your skin and hair healthy but also improves digestion and reduces inflammation in your body.

10. Fruits rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C reportedly can boost your immune system in 20 ways! To name a few, it can keep white blood cells healthy, kill bad and unwanted cells, and increase antibody production.

11. The power of almonds

In addition to boosting immunity, there are more good almonds that can contribute to your body. They lower cholesterol, add more antioxidants to your bloodstream, help you lose a few pounds, and help keep your eyes healthy. Almonds can also keep your skin clean and improve your thinking ability.

Do you know the benefits of these foods? What do you do to boost your immunity?

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