The signs your car does not work while driving

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To be honest, most of us don't know what half of the car dashboard lights mean. But even if the dreaded word "check engine" ignites, many of us ignore them for longer than necessary. According to a recent survey of 1,239 drivers, 30% say they will wait a month to a year to check their car after the "check car" light turns on. And many mechanics say that lights generally burn for something relatively benign, but your red flag shouldn't be ignored unless you don't want to risk the car catching fire. It will be displayed on the line. Read on to find the sign your car is sending to you, which means you should stop driving and leave immediately.
The Signs Your Car Doesn't Work Properly While DrivingCar Doesn't Work Properly While Driving

If you notice a sudden change in engine temperature, get out of the car immediately.

A sudden change in the temperature of a car is a big warning sign that the car may catch fire or already exists, and of Infinity Tracking, a car expert and vehicle tracking system company. Says director David Clelland. The engine temperature is indicated by the temperature gauge on the dashboard. It is usually in the center. According to car warehouse experts, the car in your car should operate at a temperature of 195-220 degrees Fahrenheit. As soon as the meter starts moving towards the hot side of the knob, the engine will start to overheat. If it happens fast, it is a sign of a fire that may have started temporarily or had already started. A rapidly rising thermometer could be a sign that a fire is already out, "wars bumper car expert Ian Lang.

“If you notice or notice, it's best to leave the car alone and call someone for help,” says Clelland. It is important to get out of the car immediately, as a car fire can get out of control pretty quickly.

You may also see more obvious signs of a car fire.

According to Lang, in addition to sudden changes in engine temperature, there may be more obvious signs of a car fire, such as smoke coming out of the vents, or smoke under the hood. .. Mark Beneke, co-owner of two used car dealerships in Fresno, California, says the smell of burning plastic and rubber is also an important sign that your car is on the edge or has ignited. ..
"The chassis is small and the flames can reach very quickly, not to mention the smoke trapped in it," Beneke warns. "When you see the flames, turn off your car, get off immediately and go as far as you can."

Thousands of car fires occur each year in the United States.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US Department of Homeland Security, an average of about 171,500 highway fires broke out in the United States between 2014 and 2016, killing an average of 345 people and killing 1,300 people annually. I was injured. safety.
According to authorities, 62% of these fires occur in the automotive area of ​​automobiles, the main cause of which is mechanical failure. "Fires in the automotive area were far more deadly, accounting for 35 percent of all deaths," FEMA said.

Fuel leaks can also cause a car fire

Engine thermometers aren't the only things you want to see on your line. You also need to pay attention to the fuel gauge. Julie Bausch, a car expert and editor-in-chief of CarTalk, states that sudden changes in fuel levels are often a sign of a major leak and can cause a fire.

“If you get in the car and the fuel level is much lower than when you last drove it, get out of the car and look under the car. You may see a puddle of liquid,” says Bausch. .. 'Do not drive a car at that time. Leaks can be ubiquitous and can mean a dangerous situation. "She says she should rather call her own mechanic.

According to the legal team at Thomas Law Offices in Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri, "gasoline is the most corrosive and flammable liquid in a car," resulting in a very leaky fuel system. Is fatal to. "A single spark can quickly ignite."

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