How to know if a Fire Sign man likes you? Different ways of Fire Signs (Aries/Leo/Sagittarius) expressing their love


Having a Fire Sign man as your crush or a date and desperate to know how he feels about you? Here are some signs of them expressing their feelings in their own ways.

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1. Aries

People say you should treat your Aries like a child. But when it comes to love and relationship, they can be the opposite. In fact, Aries have more conservative love language compared to the other Fire Signs. They have their own "rating system", not only for you, but also for themselves.

· Starting off when he thinks he's ready

If you have a feeling that there's something between you and your Aries man, which also has lasted for quite a long time- it's a sad truth but, he's actually not that ready to give it a shot. An Aries will go after you once he likes you and confident as he is, he takes actions immediately. So... if things keep being the same way, it might still be going on and on like this.

· He can be shy sometimes

That being said, sometimes your Aries will be holding back his feelings. Not because he doesn't like you that much, but it comes from his self-deprivation. After assessing himself, feeling there's little hope that things will work out, he steps back and becomes your "handy man". If there's an Aries around you who's been taking care of you without a word and you like him too, try becoming the active one and help him open up to you.

· Leaving you alone? Stay cool.

You can never be too pushy to an Aries- well, that applies to other zodiacs as well. But at some point, if your Aries man hasn't been in touch with you for a while, don't panic, work on something else of your own. If you keep being nosey, shooting him tons of text messages, believe it or not, he'll break out. In his mind, he is the one setting up distance, but an external "competitor" can be effective enough to set off an alarm.

2. Leo

Perhaps Leo is the most straightforward one among all zodiacs, so most of the time you can easily receive their love signals. As long as he fancies you, the first thing he will do is to have you, but they are also afraid of getting hurt and losing face, when he feels he's not competitive enough.

· Can't-be-more-direct love messages

If you are attractive to a Leo, you'll be surrounded by all his sweet words and asking outs. However, you got to keep an eye on whether he likes you, or it's just him enjoying the feeling of being liked. Once he senses your admiration, he'd start paying attention and be desperate to know what part of him is attracting you. Along with it comes his exploration- he's also curious about how much you are into him.

· Showing off in front of you

Moving forward, our proud Leo will try everything he could to impress you, usually by showing you all those achievements in the past. If he starts doing so, he is definitely hoping to weigh more in your heart. To some of you this is childish, but that's how they are.

· Soft versus Aggressive

Your Leo man can be a paradox. You might start to find him switching between softness and aggressiveness. At this point, you are in good hands since he's already worried about losing you. Deep down, he is not sure about which side of him you'd like better, that's why he's constantly avoiding staying the same all the time.

· 100% Possessiveness

I guess you are already crystal-clear about this when we talk about Leo. He has to be the spotlight in your world. So, if you are this type of girl who gets along with everyone and have a lot of male friends around, your Leo man might feel hurt and alerted. On the other hand, it's a good sign because you have taken up a precious spot inside him.

3. Sagittarius

You need to pay attention while dating a Sagittarius, which is also one of those double-faced zodiacs. They prefer to go with the flow, but at the same time they're also serious about certain things. They can be funny at times as well as being pragmatic. They're looking for the one who they need the most, not the best one in the crowd.

· Attention to details while caring for you

How much your Sagittarius man is attached to you depends on how detail-oriented he takes care of you. Just imagine him handing over a bowl of hot soup to your bed when you're feeling unwell. If this is real, your relationship is looking promising.

· Keeping you updated

Freedom, something Sagittarius treasure the most at all times. With that being said, when a Sagittarius is constantly sharing with you his daily schedules, he has made a huge step forward. After all, he is choosing you over his freedom, on which he hardly can give up.

· Taking you into his comfort zone

If your Sagittarius man has ever posted selfies of you two, introduced you to his friends, or let you know where he lives, stop worrying about his feelings for you now. He's basically telling the whole world, you are where his heart belongs, and there's nowhere he could escape from you.

Let's say your Sagittarius man has done all of the above. Even so, he can still be wandering around. Maybe he's still weighing you and his freedom, maybe he's insecure at the moment. Or he's got options. Just chill, give him some time, he will get back to you with an answer.

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