THREE PC games that you have been SLEEPING on in QUARANTINE and this past DECADE


Video games have been around since the early 80s with the Nintendo entertainment system (NES), which you might have heard of the game Mario, or at least the character itself in popular culture. If you are a person like me who had a hand on playing games in the past, and in the recent years dropped off on playing. Here are three games you should consider trying out.

1.Left for dead / Left for dead 2

Zombies are synonymous in popular video game culture. This franchise that came out in 2008 became a sensation amongst gamers for a good couple of years. It is a game where it is set in the apocalypse, where you and 3 other survivors fight through hordes and hordes of zombies. Each game has a same premise of a series of 5 stages with a total of 5 series. Each stage as you progress, the hordes get harder and harder to kill. You pick up weapons and health kits to aid you on your journey to safety.

Bear in mind that there are special types of zombies that might make your escape a little bit more difficult. The game is also available online play with up to 4 players, so gather your friends together for some mindless zombie killing.

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2.Don’t Starve together

Even if you are not a gamer, you probably heard of Minecraft. Don’t Starve together is similar in the aspect of resource gathering and surviving in a hostile environment. What I love the most about this game is the art and the cavalcade of characters, enemies, and objects that are in the game. At this point I have barely played 20% of its content, and I can’t get enough of this game already. I will concede that this game has a bit of a learning curve, where if you just jump straight into the game without reading, you will die very quickly.

What I recommend for this game is that you find a couple of friends to play this with. Strategize and learn how to play this game through bundles of YouTube videos online. See how many days you and your friends (highly recommend playing with 3 people) can survive. So far, my friends and I survived 45 days. Good Luck.

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3.Dark Souls

If you played any video games back in the 80s or 90s, you probably had a couple of games where you just simply cannot finish. The cult series Dark Souls from the company “from software” brings back that good old feeling of frustration after hours of trying to get through a level. The game gives you little to no clues as to what to do, you learn the game through trial and error.

The game punishes you harshly for every single little mistake that you make. Dodge when you should have blocked and enemy attack? You die. Jump a little bit too late on a platform? You die. Healed when you should have attacked more on a mob of enemies? You die. Went to an area that was supposed to be a later part of the game? You die. You get the idea you will die a lot in this game. So much so that the game developers have a sick joke achievement on your first death.

Every time you die in this game, you lose your “souls”. Souls in this game are a type of currency, where you use it to buy items, weapons, or use it to upgrade your character stats. You need souls to progress through the game, and the game is very unforgiving from the amount of souls you gain from killing an enemy. Oh, also enemies have infinite respawns, when you die, all the enemies you killed previously comes back to life.

So why am I recommending such a sadistic sounding game to you, you might ask. I personally am that frustrated child who smashes his controller when I don’t get my way at all. But my goodness, when you get through a boss that you try to beat for the past 2 hours, the satisfaction outweighs the amount of pain you went through. The art style is also something that is well thought out, I would highly recommend this if you love a bit of a challenge.

I have sunk more than 500 hours for the past couple of years playing this game. Because another aspect of this game is not well known besides the difficulty, is its amazing lore that the developers put behind it. You won’t get much from talking to the characters in this game, since their dialogues are limited. You find the lore through items you picked up and things you read. There are some funny and mostly sad stories behind every character and enemies you see in this game. Every time I play this game, I discover something new. One of my favorite games of this decade, if not all time.

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