How to know if a Water Sign man likes you? Different ways of Water Signs (Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces) expressing their love


Having a crush on a Water Sign man and not sure about making a move? Wanting to know if a Water Sign man feels the same way about you as you do? Here are some clues that show his true affections on you.

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1. Cancer

You might have heard people saying, "you're so lucky to date a Cancer as he'll take care of you and your family so well", although it turns out the only reason is he's the one staying at home. He might not be the spotlight in the crowd, but sensitive as he is, he can sometimes read your mind. He's the one with a hard shell on the outside, but also a soft heart on the inside.

· Responding to you with warmth

Cancer can be very insecure in relationships. If he believes that you are his one and only, you will also be his harbor where his sense of security comes from, which also takes time to grow. For him, you're like his family. Usually, a Cancer is too passive to check on you, but once you reach out and he has gotten over his shyness and gets back to you enthusiastically, that means you have the chance to step forward.

· Getting closer to you just like your cat

Cat moms and dads may have experienced waiting for your furry little one to feel at home for the first time. You can never forget how thrilled you were the moment he/she finally walked over to you and fell asleep on your lap. That's similar to Cancer when it comes to his love and trust. One of the ways to see if your Cancer man has taken off his shell is whether he would forget about all those masculinities, get closer to you and snuggle up just like a purring cat. If so, he is totally off guard when he's with you.

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2. Scorpio

You can never tell from a Scorpio's face how he feels about you. However, whenever there's a moment or a detail about you that draws his attention, it can be a good place for him to start liking you.

· Being responsive and offer a helping hand, even if you did not ask

Scorpios are those who never mind others' business, as they hate to get themselves into trouble. If a Scorpio man is being responsive whenever you reach out to him, and sometimes he gives you a hand even when you didn't ask for help, he wants to be involved in your life. The more active they are in front of you, the deeper they fall for you.

· Subtle actions revealing his mind

If you pay closer attention, some physical actions of your Scorpio man can tell you what he is really thinking. Sometimes you can notice him observing you, by leaning his body a little bit closer or giving you a fast glimpse. That's the sign that he has something on his mind and definitely about you.

· Creating "coincidences"

Have you ever had times that you and a Scorpio run into each other so many times, that you start to wonder if this is truly a coincidence? Trust your gut, it's not. Your Scorpio man believes in destiny, and he can be the one behind all of this.

· Making complaints about your bad habits

Scorpios will never bother people who he thinks has nothing to do with his life, let alone their shortcomings. That's why when he starts lecturing over your bad habits, he really takes you seriously as part of his life. He also believes that your relationship has moved on to the next level, where there's no need to disguise between each other.

3. Pisces

Pisces' inner world can be totally different from the outside. It has the common feature of all Water Signs- emotional insecurity. Even when he keeps making jokes as if he's enjoying the vibe, he is trying to interact with people in a more pleasant way. Also, if a Pisces man likes you, he might have already rehearsed hundreds of times in his head, that you like him as well.

· Attention to your abilities

Dreamy and romantic as they are, Pisces actually prefer their lovers to be more grounded and realistic. They will be more likely to fall for you if you have strong skills and capabilities, which is the top priority, and they won't be caring about anything else.

· Double-faced out of insecurity

Your Pisces man can chat with you on social media over anything, and keep back and forth for a whole night, however, when it comes to face-to-face situations, he is so shy and passive without spitting out a word, just like a different man. This is when he needs more attention and care from you.

· Expressing the need for attention and affection

A Pisces sometimes will show you how miserable he feels and how he needs to be taken care of, like telling you he's cold/starving/not feeling well, that's when he's intended to see how much attention you pay to him. Even so, what he is really looking for, is your admiration- unconditional admiration, compared to a Leo who eagers to be admired for purely his abilities. However, if he gets and appreciates your praise, he will also do anything for you, unconditionally.

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