A beginner’s guide in watching Formula 1 during the pandemic- Part 2


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the first part of my introduction to formula one. You might have asked yourself, who are these engineers, who are these drivers, and who are these teams that you are talking about? Also, if you are reading this article and you haven’t seen the big “Part 2” I suggest you take a look at Part 1 of my article.

There are currently 10 teams competing in Formula 1 at the moment. At the beginning of the 2010 decade. Several teams have come and gone, and many drivers have come gone since. Today we are merely focusing on the teams and their respective drivers. In reverse order of their 2019 championship positions.



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The Williams team started by Frank Williams in the seventies, was a formidable team in the nineties, with nine world championships under its belt, 114 wins. Based in Grove, UK. They were the only family-run team up until august of this year when the family had to sell the company to Dorilton Capital due to financial woes. Williams had a good run of competitive cars throughout the mid-2000s when it partnered up with BMW. However, the past few years have not been their best run, in their 2019 run, they only scored 1 point in the constructor championship. Their Drivers however are young and bright up and coming to George Russell & Nicholas Latifi. So far this season in 2020 they haven’t scored a point yet.



(Picture of George Russell & Nicholas Latifi courtesy of formula1.com)



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The Haas team is the only American Team on the grid. They started out in 2016 by Gene Haas, a CNC manufacturing giant and a NASCAR team owner, alongside experience Italian race engineer Guenther Steiner. Haas F1 team initially had a strong debut with Romain Grosjean scoring their first points in their first race in 2016 Australia in 6thplace. This meant quite a bit since the top 6 positions are usually occupied by Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull. Meaning that they are the best of the rest. However, in recent years, their performance has dwindled slightly due to their unique business model of not furnishing car parts from third party companies. Their other driver Kevin Magnussen is a seasoned mid-fielder (you are going to hear a lot of this saying) who joined Haas in 2017. So far, their 2020 season has only scored 3 points.



(Picture of Romain Grosjean & Kevin Magnussen courtesy of formula1.com)

8.Alfa Romeo


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Alfa Romeo is what was previously known as Sauber. Alfa Romeo has competed in formula one in the 50s and won 2 championships. Since then, they have been on a hiatus until recently when they merge with the Sauber team. Sauber is known to be a breeding ground for up-and-coming F1 talents, like Kimi Raikkonen, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, etc. Though they are using Ferrari engines like the Haas f1 team, they have been consistently fighting at the lower end of the championship table, though over the years have produced some stunners where drivers like Sergio Perez, Kamui Kobayashi have scored podiums. Which for a team that has currently 8 points in the season, is a big deal? Their drivers are on both spectrums of experience and young. Kimi Raikkonen, who had just broken the record for the most distance driven for any formula 1 driver, has brought his massive amount of experience to the team and has brought them to occasional top of midfield finishes alongside his teammate Antonio Giovanazzi. Who has been brought up from the Ferrari driver academy, and has been improving his performance during his tenure at alfa?



(Picture of Kimi Raikkonen & Antonio Giovanazzi courtesy of formula1.com)



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AlphaTauri is a sister team to racing giant Red Bull racing. The team was initially known as Minardi in the early-mid 2000s until it was bought out by Redbull to be the “B” team, since then they have enjoyed a good amount of competitive racing where they were able to finish above the main red bull team in certain races. Their racing drivers Pierre Gasly & Danil Kvyat have had their fair shares of ups and downs in the red bull academy. Pierre has had 2 podiums, with one win at the Italian Grand Prix this year. Both drivers’ consistent performance has pushed the lower mid-table team to the best of the rest contender this year. The team currently sits on 89 points and eager to score more.



(Picture of Danil Kvyat & Pierre Gasly courtesy of formula1.com)



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Ferrari needs no introduction, whether it’s their cars, the team. Even if you are not a car enthusiast, you know what a Ferrari is. So why am I introducing it at 6thplace? The team that had 16 world championships under its belt has had a drought since 2007. They have employed world champions like Fernando Alonso, and talents like Felipe Massa to aid its quest. To no avail, even with their current line up Sebastian Vettel who is a 4-time world champion and future champion material Charles Leclerc could only push Ferrari to 130 points this season, were at the same point last year, they have already scored double. Ferraris trouble has been in the works since the last season with its violation on its engine.



(Picture of Sebastian Vettel & Charles LeClerc courtesy of formula1.com)

That’s it for now, we shall continue next time on the remaining 5 teams and their drivers.

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