How to know if an earth sign man likes you? Different ways of earth signs(Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn) expressing their love.


Dating an earth sign man and not sure how he feels about you? Here are some apparent indications to tell if he sees you as a friend or someone special:

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1. Taurus:

Practical and stable, Taurus is one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. They have the ability to see things from a grounded and realistic perspective. It's easy for them to stay on the same projects for years, and these traits can also apply to their relationships. It's always difficult to tell if a Taurus man likes you because Taurus goes at his own pace. You need to be patient and he will open up in time to show you his romantic inner world.

· Showing up whenever you need him:

A Taurus will take everything you say to heart if he likes you, but sometimes in a very subtle and quiet way. They are good listeners, which makes their love difficult to notice. But remember, they are listening and taking you seriously, which means they are getting to know your routines and ready to show up whenever you need him. That's their subtle approach to gain your attention and affection. So, if you find a Taurus show up unexpectedly to help you or become your "handy-man", he definitely cares about you.

· Exposing to you his routines all the time:

A Taurus doesn't usually expose his daily routines to others, even his family or best friends, as it'll be too much work for him. However, if you find him constantly texting you, telling you where he's been, where and what he's up to, congratulations- that's a sign of him fancying you. It's never too much for him to keep you on track of him all the time.

· Talking about his Ex-es in front of you:

When you are dating a Taurus and he starts to bring up topics about his ex-girlfriends, it indicates your relationship with him is moving forward, as he's in the process of opening up and letting his girl know more about him, especially his principles and opinions over things. Plus, as far as your relationship goes, once he starts to get "mean" and more direct during the chat, it's actually a good sign- he reckons you two are getting closer enough to be straightforward.

· No fussing about money when he's with you:

Taurus is well-known for its "stinginess", but that's partially true. Your Taurus man will never be more generous in anything/anyone he loves. So, if you find him particular about spending money when he's with you, there might still be some distance between you and your man.

2. Virgo:

Okay, let's put aside tags such as "extreme perfectionist" that pop up in our head every time we talk about a Virgo. When you are dating one, you need to keep in mind that he's actually hiding back his curiosity about you as well as his needs to be praised and encouraged. The following signs will tell you if he is into you or not.

· Keeping you company with his own free time:

Usually, a Virgo prefers to treat his own free time as precious me-time. If he's still willing to keep you company when he has plans of his own, that means he takes you seriously by making every effort to gain as many pleasant memories with you as possible, without worrying about his own time.

· Interested in your serious opinions:

If a Virgo pays attention to your values about life, marriage, and finance even when you are still friends, he is now taking a step to see if you are on the same page with him over serious topics. Spiritual level conversations are actually important for a Virgo, as by exchanging thoughts and opinions, he's also making sure he won't be communicating to you about things like these in the future.

· Sharing with you his plans and favorites:

One of the signs that a Virgo is into you, is that he shares everything he loves with you- beautiful views he has seen, nice food he has tasted, etc. He will really consider taking you there some time, as you are part of his future plans.

· Acting like a child just for you:

As a Virgo with high self-esteem, your man will always want to be seen as an almighty among others, even if he's not an expert on everything. However, once he throws away his persona and starts to behave like a child in front of you, you won't have to worry about his feelings for you. After all, you are the only one seeing his weakness, and you might be the one accompanying him along the journey.

3. Capricorn:

Some people say dating a Capricorn feels like getting back to single life again. Your Capricorn man could be anything but romantic, but at the same time, he is looking for a lifelong partner that fits him perfectly through different times. He won't ask for anything in return, as in his mind it's his duty to take care of you.

· Stalk everything to get to know you:

If you find a Capricorn liked a photo you posted ages ago, reply to him. It's not a joke. Don't be thinking "okay, here's another stalker"- this is him sending you his love signal. A Capricorn is more likely to be the passive one, but he's actually interested in you and hopes to get closer to his girl.

· His secret gaze aside you:

Here's a simple way to test your Capricorn man- when you're sitting beside him, look away. His gaze will follow. Once you notice and look back at him, he always looks away quickly. That's when the seed of love starts to grow inside him.

· Keeping conversations flow, even a boring one:

When a Capricorn wants to step forward, he will start a simple, random conversation as a caring friend, but that will take as long as he wants it to be. You might begin to ask yourself at some point why the chat is still going. This is his unique way of showing his interest and affection.

· Mr. Nice Guy of principle:

Your Capricorn man can be super nice and responsive to his friends, including his female friends. Some of you might find it disturbing. However, the only reason is he just wants to be nice to people around him, whom he simply can't say no to. Don't panic- he's got boundaries and is mindful of his behavior. Time will prove that he knows what he's doing.

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