LA “Egg Hunt” – Five Restaurants with the Best Eggs That You Don't Want to Miss! Part 1


What? Eggs? Yes, you heard me. I’m an egg-enthusiast for sure and I’m not ashamed! Eggs are probably one of the most affordable and accessible ingredients in the culinary world yet the most transformative one that can wow you at any time if it is done with craft and love. Most of us start with eggs when we learn how to cook but professional cooks can definitely make it shine and worth your trip to a restaurant. Good eggs should never be limited to breakfast. Anytime is a good egg time! Here are some spots that you may or may not know that has amazing egg dishes:

Eggslut – I have to start with this one and the hype is real

Most Angelenos probably have heard of this famous spot or have been there. It started as a food truck in 2011 then it opened the first food stall in the iconic Grand Central Market in DTLA in 2013 and now it has multiple locations in town due to high popularity. It’s definitely known for eggs (duh, the name?) and it’s “inspired by a true love for eggs”. Before the pandemic, every time I walk by, I see a crazy line. Is it worth the wait? Definitely. They even put in an explanation for why the line is so long on their website, check it out.

Why is the line so long at Eggslut?


This comfort-style eatery always serves fresh and quality eggs cooked to order in their restaurant. The staff is always nice and patient to introduce their food. The price may seem a little high for egg dishes but the food is worth every penny. It is a very cute place for a brunch date, pre-pandemic of course. I personally love their sandwiches (probably my favorite egg sandwich in town). Even the brioche buns are so tasty and made with care.


Their specialty “Slut” is a very stylish dish made with cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette. I love how a single bite of “Slut” can bring so many layers of flavors and textures into your mouth, a must-try! After dining, it is very nice to just explore around. On the other side of the market, you can visit the historical landmark Angels Flight Railway (yes the one in La La Land!).

Price range: Under $20 per person.

Recommend dishes: Fairfax, Slut.



DTLA: 317 S Broadway (Outside seating available)

West Hollywood: 8500 Beverly Blvd, Unit 101

Glendale: 252 S Brand Blvd, Suite D

Venice: 1611 Pacific Ave

Open for pick-up & take-away 8am-2pm. Available on Ubereats.

Izakaya Gazen - A hidden gem in Little Tokyo

Izakaya Gazen is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants in LA for so many reasons. Don't get me wrong, the restaurant is definitely more than delicious eggs. From assorted fresh sashimi and sushi to must-try house specialty "Seiromushi" steam Wagyu shabushabu, this little izakaya has all the essences of Japanese cuisine. Although they don't serve kaiseki there, I'm sure you will still be impressed by the quality food and top-notch service.

Soft Shell Crab Sushi Roll

"Seiromushi" Steam Shabu Shabu

Okay... back to eggs! The chefs at Izakaya Gazen definitely mastered the Japanese way of cooking eggs. All eggs are cooked to perfection here in various styles. Here are the amazing egg dishes you must try from there:

Japanese Style Omelette!

Yes, an omelet. An absolute beauty of simplicity. It is cooked with extreme care in relatively low temp with their house dashi broth. You might not be wowed by its look but I guarantee you will become a fan once you have a bite. It is so soft and fluffy that you almost question that if it's really eggs. The flavor is very light yet so addictive. The way they cook it definitely brings out the natural taste and fragrance of the eggs. Even the squashed radish on the side gives you a surprise when you mix the omelet with it. It gives you that comfort feeling like when you step out of the shower then your boyfriend/girlfriend brings you a freshly-out-of-dryer hot towel.

And... Omelette Noodle with Simmered Wagyu Beef! What? Omelet again? This is a very homestyle dish in Japan and you might find an instant version in the supermarket nearby. But the chefs here again make this ordinary dish shine. The stir-fried noodles with the omelet topped with a sweer sauce and mayo give you layers of simple happiness. The chopped Wagyu beef brings extra texture to the whole dish. Anytime when you feel like it's getting a little heavy on your palate, the pickled ginger on the side to the rescue!

Price range: $30-60 per person. Under $20 per person if you are just getting eggs ;) Other dishes may be more expensive depending on the ingredients. You know, fish and wagyu are pain to your wallet but heaven for your mouth.

Recommend dishes: Tamago Sashimi, Japanese Style Omelette, Omelette Noodle with Simmered Wagyu Beef, Assorted Tofu, Assoted Sashimi and Sushi Rolls, Seiromushi Steam Shabushabu.



Little Tokyo: 362 E 1st St

Open for pick-up & take-away and outside seating 11:30am-2:30pm, 5pm-11pm. Delivery not available.

More eggs to come in part 2, stay tuned!

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