Man Might Miss Birth of Baby to Watch New Batman Film


If you're like many other DC nerds and me, you're excited about the new Batman film coming out in March. I plan on seeing the movie but not on opening night. Even before the pandemic, I didn't enjoy going to the crowded theaters on opening night due to the crowds, and I enjoyed a less noisy and empty theater to see a film.
Woman is upset that husband wants to see the new Batman film when baby is dueJan Tinneberg/Unsplash

I came across this post on a subreddit entitled AITA (Am I the Asshole?) from a pregnant mother who was asking if she was the 'asshole' for being upset that her husband wanted to see the new Batman film while she was close to her due date. The woman said her husband wanted to see it as soon as the film comes out, so he doesn't see any spoilers, and the 'worst' that could happen is that he arrives a few hours late.

Can you imagine telling your significant other that you might miss a life-altering event because of a blockbuster superhero movie from Warner Brothers? I can only see in the future when their child asks about the night when they were born, and the father replies with this. "It was a wonderful night! I saw "The Batman," and it turns out Robert Pattinson can really play a great Batman. Also, George Clooney is still the worst Batman."

Some of the replies to the original post were amazing too. Some of my favorites were these.

"Yeah, fellow nerd here. The whole 'no big deal if I'm a couple hours late' thing is a big honking red flag for me. NTA of course, but man your husband is." ToadseyeGem (Reddit User)

"How to avoid spoilers:

Don’t check google news

Don’t check fan sites

Focus on your damn newborn and getting any sleep you can muster." rationalomega (Reddit User)

What are your thoughts? Leave what you would say in the comments below!

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