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Are you tired of working at an office for a boss? Want to work from home? Even before the epidemic in 2020 uprooted everything, an increasing number of individuals were abandoning their 9-5 jobs to work remotely and explore the world.
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Fully remote work has increased dramatically over the last three years, according to FlexJobs—the longtime pioneer in helping job searchers find remote, work-from-home, hybrid, and flexible jobs—and remote work rules are far more popular now than they were pre-pandemic. "As we look ahead, the predicted growth rate of full-time remote work has more than doubled from 30% to 65% over the next five years, which could provide job opportunities."

The Wikimedia Foundation, which administers and supports some of the world's largest reference projects, is at the top of the FlexJobs list. The organization, which is based in San Francisco, California, employs around 500 contractors and employees who work in sectors such as business development, computer, and information technology, editing, entertainment, media, and software development, among others.

There are more work-from-anywhere positions than ever before, according to FlexJobs.

Here are 20 top organizations in the FlexJobs survey, rated in order of volume of work-from-anywhere job ads from highest to lowest, are shown below.

1. Wikimedia Foundation: a non-profit dedicated to the growth, production, and dissemination of free, multilingual material.

2. Achieve Exam Prep: Achieve Test Prep is an academic support firm that provides test preparation and advising services to students.

3. Coalition Technologies is a web design and digital marketing firm that assists clients in achieving their online business goals.

4. Chainlink Labs: an internet startup with a goal to reimagine what constitutes a reliable agreement through the development of smart contracts.

5. Elastic. co is a search engine that assists users in exploring and analyzing data.

6. Cactus Communications: a communication solutions supplier with a focus on academia, pharmaceuticals, and medical device firms.

7. Hopin: an online event platform where individuals can connect, communicate, and learn while attending live events.

8. Toptal is a freelance marketplace that links freelancers with startups and businesses in Silicon Valley and beyond.

9. Automattic: a web development firm that sees remote labor as a critical component of its business model.

10.SelfDecode is a biotech firm that provides software tools and tailored health reports.

11. ModSquad: a company that modernizes major brands' digital engagement outsourcing services.

12. Deel: a financial services firm that has created a payroll system for remote teams that connects localized payments and compliance in a single platform.

13. an internet company that provides community members with a free college education.

14. Kraken is a popular Bitcoin trade software

15. Protocol Labs: a software firm that develops systems and solutions to solve technical web problems and improve user experience.

16. GitLab: an open-source code collaboration platform that helps users get from idea to product faster.

17. DreamView Inc. is a media production firm that creates lifelike 3D CGI product representations as well as virtual, art-directed lifestyle spaces to showcase them.

18. Chili Piper is an Internet-based organization that assists businesses in assisting their customers.

19. GitHub: GitHub is an open-source code hosting, publishing, and social networking site for programmers.

20. Mango Languages: a corporation that offers a wide range of language learning options to people all over the world.

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