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A local couple starts a bagel business

Skylar Williams
Jersey Bagels and its indoor logoJersey Bagels/ Jersey Bagels

A couple who started a bagel business from inside their home has created a shop that is like no other.

Cory and Jaclyn Yates are the owners of Jersey Bagels in Cypress, Texas. The couple started their business from ovens in their own home before branching out to a store. One thing that stands out about this couple’s shop is the start. The spark in the expansion of the business was a phenomenon created from one social media post showcasing its bagels. Jersey Bagels is different from the rest with their unique hand-rolled bagels and various flavors packed in each pastry.

Jaclyn Yates describes the start of Jersey Bagels, which began in their own home.

“We started out of our house, we did it at home for about a year just out of our regular oven and boiling them right on the stovetop. We went to farmer’s markets and we did the Tomball farmer’s market, we did that for a year which we had to bake them out of a commercial kitchen,” Jaclyn Yates said.

Jersey Bagels is one of the only businesses in Cypress that solely sells bagels, most people look to New York as a city that sells the pastry exclusively. The bagels differ from the normal cream cheese and bagel to bagel sandwiches. In preparation to open the shop, the couple did their research to ensure the production of the perfect bagels. With the research, Mrs. Yates describes the factors that went into the creation of their bagels.

“I was just joking with him [Cory Yates] and was like we should open a bagel shop one day in Cypress, it would do so good,” Jaclyn Yates said. “ He went home and just jumped on Youtube and started trying to figure out how to make a bagel. We flew back to jersey a bunch of times, and tried all the bagel places in Jersey.”

Once the couple started making their bagels, Jaclyn Yates in hopes to showcase their products, shared an image on social media. With the social media presence of the bagels, demand for the products began to skyrocket. This created an audience and the more people who ordered began posting the products and attracting more and more customers. Jaclyn Yates illustrates how her social media post sparked new customers and individuals interested in their bagels.

“We made a bagel sandwich and I just posted it on the foodie group and a bunch of people were like where’d you get that bagel,” Jaclyn Yates said. “Every single day we’d sell about 100 bagels per day, I had an excel spreadsheet with all of the orders and what kind they were ordering and it was a fun time.”

In addition to being unique as a storefront, the shop creates uniqueness throughout their products that you can’t just get any regular bagel shop in Houston. Its unique flavors and designs attract people of all ages while still producing the classics.
Rainbow BagelsJersey Bagels/ Jersey Bagels

“An onion and chive is a classic on an everything bagel, then we also do fun rainbow bagels and strawberry cream cheese and blueberry and churro cream cheese and carrot cake cream cheese. We make probably about 35 of them but we only have enough room for 14 to 16 up there [on display] so we can’t do all the different flavors but we just try to keep it fun. We’re going to do one with birthday cake cream cheese and cotton candy, we’ll do a cookie monster one. We’re trying to get more into a monthly special bagel.”

Another asset that sets Jersey Bagels apart from other coffee and breakfast places is the uniqueness of hand-rolling when creating its products. Each product at the shop appeals to each customer coming in whether their taste is sweet or savory. The business appeals to every customer instead of structuring its products to a single audience. Cory Yates illustrates each interest of customers being met with their delicious bagels, as well as, the difference in hand-rolling amongst other shops.

“Our biggest thing is just hand-rolling”. “We’re at that point that if we want to grow do we go to machines or do we keep the handroll part and I think we have to keep the hand roll part because it sets us apart,” Cory Yates said. “ Another thing that sets us apart is our vibe and our energy. Our logo is black and white so we don’t want to appeal too much to a certain demographic, we’ve got something for the old people we’ve got something for the kids, we’ve got something for the classic people and that’s what sets us apart,” Cory Yates said.

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