Will we have another Lupine Super Bloom at Folsom Lake?

Last year at Folsom Lake during the Spring, we witnessed an incredible Lupine Super Bloom at Folsom Lake. Why was this super bloom so Instagram-worthy? Well, because we had very little water in the lake. Even without water, Folsom Lake provides some incredible beauty, and last year's super bloom was witness to that. I guess you gotta take some positives out of a huge negative. Masses of people got wind and for lack of a better term, it was a madhouse out at Folsom Lake. So, maybe I am adding to this madhouse, but it is a state park, so it's not like it is private land out there. Will there be a lupine super bloom this year? In this video, I explain, as well as give details on where to view the gorgeous purple flowers. It doesn't have to be a super bloom to enjoy the beauty of the lupine flowers.

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