Check out Goat Rock Beach in Sonoma County!

You gotta take a road trip to Goat Rock Beach on Highway 1 in Sonoma County! There are so many scenic beaches along the Sonoma Coastline and Goat Rock beach may be the pinnacle of scenic beaches. You start off way up high on Highway 1, and as you make the entrance, you slowly meander down to the beach soaking in some incredible vistas on the way down. As the video entails, do NOT get close to the water! It is very dangerous and there are signs posted everywhere. There have been a number of lives lost not obeying the posted warnings. If you have little ones, hold their hands. There is an area, I explain, where the kids can dip their toes in the water and build sand castles. There are trails up above that provide that perfect photo shoot. There are restrooms and picnic tables in the parking lots. Do yourself a favor and take a day trip and explore!

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Hello, my name is Darin Wissner, and my wife Patti and I travel almost exclusively in our home of Northern California! There is a lot to see in beautiful Northern California. We don't hike, and we don't camp. We prefer more "luxurious" stays, whether it's hotels, Vacation rentals, or glamping. SippyCupAdventures entails: 1) being at a waterway or beach 2) Having cocktails 3) Listening to our favorite music We try and steer clear of: Barking dogs Screaming kids and humans Not that we have anything against dogs, kids, and humans! We just try to be more secluded. Now that we have this opportunity to share with YOU, we will expand our travels to include more details on hotels, beaches, and restaurants in Northern California. We thank you.

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