Check out this Romantic stay in HALF MOON BAY!

Another great stay in Half Moon Bay, is The Beach House! A very romantic getaway with the calming sounds of the waves washing up in the Harbor, peaceful and soulful. Take a stroll along the jetty and Pillar Point beach. The time we went, it was in December, and that when the cost is cheaper, around $335 (weekend price). From January to early March, you can get a room for an average of $271. The Summer months average $350 per night, again, on the weekends. September and October, when the weather on the coast is the beat, rates can range from $400 to $500, ouch. Prices start coming down in November. It's walking distance to the ever popular Sam's Chowder House. We are not huge fans of Sams because it's a "touristy" spot, and the food is okay. The chowder is really good though. It does have a nice atmosphere with beautiful views. We say, belly up to the bar (Closed during COVID) to get past the wait.

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Hello, my name is Darin Wissner, and my wife Patti and I travel almost exclusively in our home of Northern California! There is a lot to see in beautiful Northern California. We don't hike, and we don't camp. We prefer more "luxurious" stays, whether it's hotels, Vacation rentals, or glamping. SippyCupAdventures entails: 1) being at a waterway or beach 2) Having cocktails 3) Listening to our favorite music We try and steer clear of: Barking dogs Screaming kids and humans Not that we have anything against dogs, kids, and humans! We just try to be more secluded. Now that we have this opportunity to share with YOU, we will expand our travels to include more details on hotels, beaches, and restaurants in Northern California. We thank you.

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