Something to Watch this Winter: The Top 4 Korean Dramas of 2020


As the holidays are approaching and most of us are still stuck at home because of the pandemic, it is time to turn on that TV and drink hot chocolate on your couch. Here are some of the best K dramas that came out this year I recommend. If you haven't had the time to watch them or even heard of them, here is your chance. 

  1. Crash Landing On You (2019)

(Crash Landing On You)

Crash Landing On You (2019) is hands down the most popular K drama earlier in 2020. The love story is full of twists, and there is even a dash of political thriller element. The story's premise is when the chaebol heiress from South Korea landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident, and a North Korean soldier falls in love with her and protects her from the bad guys.  

This is the first time anyone has ever done a romantic TV show (that I heard of) involving North Korea. (I did not know they are allowed to make this kind of show.) Although this show describes the fairytale version of North Korea, you still get to see a little of what it is like to live in the most isolated communist country in the 21st century. The writers used this tough, backward, and a little dangerous environment as a tool to help the two main characters, Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin) and Yoon Se-ri (Ye-jin Son), grow closer and fall in love with each other. 

There is one thing I am a little curious about. What would Kim Jong-un say when he sees the show? Has he heard of it? Anyways. I highly recommend it. 

2. Hyena (2020)


Hyena (2020) is about two very competitive lawyers who only work for the richest in South Korea. Other than the love tension between the two main characters, how they work together to solve the murder cases, and the conspiracies of the head of the law firm, tycoon, and the court system. 

I love this show because it does not have a traditionally beautiful, womanly woman as its main character. Instead, Jung Geum Ja (Hye-su Kim) is a solo lawyer who is a mid-aged, short-haired, fierce woman who gives it all to get what she wants. Although she would strike you as greedy and immoral in the first few episodes, you will fall in love with her "hyena-like" character. She is a survivor and worked hard to get to where she is, with no one supporting her. When the other lawyer, who is from an elite family, Yoon Her Jae (Ji-Hoon Ju), first meeting her, she tricked him into falling in love with her and stole his client's file to win her case. 

Although it is not a lovey-dovey romantic story, how the two "hyenas of the law" work together to defeat the bad guys makes their romance different from most K drama.  

3. It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

(It's Okay to Not Be Okay)

It's Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) is about a love story between an emotionally unstable, antisocial children's book writer and the psychiatric hospital caretaker. Go Moon Young (Yeji Seo) writes fairytale for a living. The loss of her mother and her abusive father scarred her into an unreasonable psychopath. She can not help but falls in love with Moon Gang Tae (Soo-hyun Kim) when he saves her life. However, even though Go Moon Young seems like the unstable one in the story, both have a lot of healing to do. After opening up to each other, the two lonely souls, Go Moon Young and Moon Gang Tae, become lovers and family.

This show focus on the mental health issue. With the love story of the two lead characters as the main plotline, there are many episodic stories of other mental patients, which are also enjoyable by themselves. The visual of the show is highly stylized as some parts are animated and look like fairytales. Anyways. Highly recommend. 

4. Record of Youth (2020)

(Record of Youth)

Record of Youth (2020) is about the lives and relationships of the actor/model Sa Hye Jun (Bo-Gum Park) and the makeup artist, Ahn Jeong Ha (So-Dam Park). However, even though this sweet, sweet romantic drama is just a fairytale, it still reflects many dreamers' realities.

Record of Youth (2020) really explores what a young couple's relationship looks like when both of them make their career their top priority instead of wanting to be with the other person for the rest of their lives. Although it is very bland and a little too reasonable, Hye Jun and Jeong Ha's love is quite refreshing for the K drama world since most of them are just trying to make you cry your eyes out. It really is trying to tell young people that romantic love is not always the most essential thing in one's life. 

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