Effective Workouts To Do At Home and Why You Should Try Them


2020 has been pretty bad for many of us, and sticking to your work out routines has been harder than ever, especially when the gyms are closed and weights are hard to come by. (I paid 75 dollars for a pair of 12-pound weights and I am not even kidding.) Maybe some of you have or are currently experiencing some hardships, but it is helpful to do some exercise to purge that stress, anxiety and negative energy. I know many people have been couch potatoes, and gained a bunch of weight, so here are some workouts you can do in the comfort of your own living room.


After staying at home for almost 10 years, (jk, but it feels like it anyway) I felt like I really have to do something to keep myself healthy. I am no professional, but I made up a plan that was not strict at all and lost 15 lbs in 3 months (yay). I hope this list can be helpful for you all.

Disclaimer: this list is solely based on my personal preference and experiences. But hey, I did lose some weight, so as long as you try something, good things will happen.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a good way to start your work out journey. It was not too difficult or intense for beginners. The best thing about yoga is that you get to know your body before you dive into something more advanced. When you been sitting around everyday for too long, you might start to have some back pain that is not very obvious. However, those small ticks might cause injuries if you start off with intense workouts. Your body might have forgotten how to use certain muscles to keep a good posture, let alone keep your back straight while doing a push up. Trust me, I totally forgot how to tighten my core until I reactivate my abs with yoga.


(Julia from Psyche Truth)

I highly suggest starting with yoga if you haven’t been working out for quite a while. It wakes up your muscles and prepare them for a more intense workout plan. Once you get used to it and ready to add some spice, I recommend you to try yoga with HIIT. Julia from Psyche Truth does a good job of mixing yoga and HIIT together.


Yoga with Adrian


2. Jump Rope

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of jumping rope. It is dull and repetitive and I trip on it often. Sometimes when I hit myself accidentally, it feels like I am in some kind of unpleasant kinky activity. But, some of my absolutely love it. It does not require a large space or equipment that is difficult or expensive. It is not hard especially if you choose to use the cordless rope and not doing any difficult tricks. You can also watch your favorite shows while doing it.


(Jump Rope Dudes)

Of course, you can also challenge yourself and do all the tricks like scissors and saddle cross (that I can’t, not in a thousand of years.) You can even do weighted jump rope. Ok, I take back my word, jumping rope is not dull.

Despite not liking it, jump rope can work all of your muscles as long as you do it right. It keeps your heart rate high, and your core tight. Do not forget to stretch your calves after though as they are get really right.


Jump Rope Dudes

3. Kickboxing

Kickboxing is my personal favorite. Even though I do not have a punching back in my living room, but hitting air is enough to exhaust me. Kickboxing might not look very hard, but as long as you keep the right posture (i.e. tighten your core), you get to work every muscle. The kicking part is a good way to work on your quads and waist, and you are stretching them while your are working on them. But be aware, it is easy to hurt yourself if you do not warm up first.


(Christa DiPaolo)

Another benefit that comes with kickboxing is that it is one of the best stress reliever. Needless to say, it does feel to to imagining punching the thing (or someone) that brings your stress.


Christa DiPaolo

4. Full Body Workout

If you are looking to tone your body while get that cardio done, I suggest you try full body workout. It can be as challenging as it can be and it is a lot of fun. If you are not comfortable with doing the jump and kicks, most videos also have the low impact version of the same movement. Still works well though.


(Pamela Reif)

The thing about full body workout is that you have to be best buds with your body and work your muscles to their fullest to achieve to the result. If you find yourself not able to finish some of the workouts, like HIIT or Tabata, it is not that your are lazy, but simply because your body is not ready for it. If that is the case, dial down a notch by doing less reps or take longer to finish.


Pamela Reif


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