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Best Local Grocery Delivery Services in Los Angeles (Part II)


In my last review, I talked about some popular local grocery delivery app in the Los Angeles like Instacart, Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh. In this review, I am going to write about two of my favorite Asian grocery delivery apps.

1. Weee!


Weee! is the grocery delivery app I use most often. Most people who are not Chinese or are not part of the Chinese community probably never heard of this app. (Feel lucky that I am officially introducing this treasure to you guys.) In the beginning of the quarantine, Weee! has not reached to the area I live in, but they have been expanding since. At first, they were mostly focusing on the areas around the universities and San Gabriel Valley area. As soon as their service started covering Hollywood, I stopped using all of my other grocery delivering apps right away.


I know I sounded a little extreme. I mean, but Weee! is not paying me to write this. First of all, this app (almost) satisfies all of my grocery shopping needs. The type of merchandise they sell are what you see in most of the Chinese markets, but they only pick the ones that are most popular. For someone who alway have hard time making choices, Weee! definitely helped me. I am not saying that there aren’t enough options on Weee!, as they have all the categories one can find in any markets. They even sell some Korean and Japanese cosmetic product from Weee!


There are many authentic Asian fruit on Weee!, such as dragon fruit, loquat, guava, and longan. Their prices are cheaper than the ones you see in American markets. One of the things I love about Weee! is that they always pick out the prettiest and the freshest product for you.

Oh, also you don’t need to become a member to enjoy this service. Delivery is free if you spend more than $65.

Weee! is not perfect of course. Because they stuff everything inside cardboard boxes, sometimes your fragile bok choy and white peaches do get squished a little. In that case, you can quest for refund in the app, which is pretty easy to do. It usually takes them two business days to return your money.


There are two other things I don’t like about Weee!. The first one would be that you can’t pick a time slot. Your groceries will be delivered anytime between 2pm to 8pm on the day you picked, which kind of sucks if you can’t be home that day. But they do use enough dry ice to keep the stuff cold, so sometimes I just have them drop off the box outside my apartment. Another thing is that you can’t have your stuff delivered on the same day. I usually have them delivered next day, because if you choose the days after next day, some of the items might not be available.

2. Yamibuy


Some of you might heard of Yamibuy as it has been around for quite a while. I first heard of it back in 2016 when I needed to buy some chicken feet for snacks (don’t judge me). If you are looking to buy Asian snack, cosmetic products, household items, and even books, you can find them on Yamibuy.


Since the Covid era, Yamibuy also started grocery delivery services. It is a lot similar to Weee! since both apps mainly focusing on Asian groceries, but the biggest difference is that Yamibuy delivers merchandizes from Chinese supermarkets that they work with. When you click the Yamibuy Fresh option, you get to choose from a couple stores nearby and you shop the items that are only available from the store you picked. Some of the stores have very limited options, but you can always switch stores.

The amazing thing about Yamibuy is that you do not need to buy any subscriptions or pay membership fees to use the service. If you do get a membership, you will get more discounts. Also, delivery is free if you spend more than $50.


Yamibuy and Weee! have similar disadvantages. You can’t pick time slots on Yamibuy either and you can only choose next day delivery. The fruit and vegetables from Yamibuy are not as fresh as Weee! but they have better meat and seafood choices.

Yamibuy Fresh is just an extension on the Yamibuy app. There are thousands of snacks you can buy outside of Yamibuy Fresh, so once you have this app, you can have everything in one click.



Weee! and Yamibuy are good alternatives if you are tired of the ordinary American market. On the other hand, you can’t really buy stuff like cheese, humus and coffee from them, but you can totally rely on them when you are trying to make Chinese food.


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