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Best Local Grocery Delivery Services in Los Angeles (Part I)


I’ve never been interested in getting my groceries delivered. However, ever since we set our foot in the Covid era, I’ve fallen in love with this beautiful service that only an evil capitalist country like us would have. Now that Los Angeles is going back to quarantine again, it is time for a delivery-app-addict like me to write a thing or two. 


The order of this list is not by rating.

1. Instacart


Instacart was the very first delivery app I have tried. When the quarantine first started, Instacart was the only delivery app that allowed me to buy things. Other delivery services were either too hard to get a time slot, or the services are yet to cover the area I live in. (Which is Hollywood, who would’ve thought!) Also, Instacart only charges $9.99 per month or $99 per year. Compare to other delivery services, this is of the cheapest options.

Here is how Instacart works. You select stores near your house, pick out the items your want, then choose a time slot. Sounds easy, right? The difference between Instacart and other apps is that the shoppers are literally shopping for your, which means they are going inside the stores, pushing carts, pick up and pay for the stuff just like you do. There is no one pre-package the items you purchased and wait for them to come. Instead, it is a lot like you asked your boyfriend to go shopping for you, and they keep calling you where everything is. 

But here is the trick, not every item you selected will be in stock, just like when you go shopping yourself. In that case, Instacart becomes a fun game you can play on your phone. The shopper will live-update you what items are out of stock, and you need to make choices on the spot. “Chicken breasts are out of stock. Can I replace it with chicken thighs?” “No, please get me a bag of salmon instead.” That would be a very typical conversation to have when the Instacart shopper is shopping. 

When the whole world was shutting down, and the toilet paper was scarce, I had a trick when shopping with Instacart. The trick was to pick the earliest time slot, so the stuff you want is less likely to be out of stock. But sometimes, unfortunately, I freaking overslept and got a bunch of replacements I didn’t like! That was my own fault, so don’t be like me.

One drawback of Instacart is when you buy stuff like pads and condoms, and they happen to be out of stock, you might have to have awkward conversations with the shoppers. 


2. Amazon Prime and Amazon Fresh


To be honest, the reason for me to use Instacart in the first place was that it was super hard to get a time slot on Amazon Prime back in the early days of quarantine. Now that it is no longer the case, Amazon Prime becomes my first choice when I am too lazy to go to Whole Foods. The only thing I don’t like about Amazon Prime is probably the price. You want to get everything you want in one go, but to shop everything from Whole Food is a little extravagant (for me.) 


But thank god, there is an alternative: Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is a little like shopping from Ralphs or Vons. The prices are acceptable, and you can buy stuff from the Amazon brand, 365. The drawback is that they don’t have all the options as a physical market does. 

The most beautiful thing about Amazon Prime and Fresh is the eco-friendly paper bags they use. I’m not saying it to be pretentious. I just really like the look. 


Even though the stuff you buy from Amazon Prime is not cheap, as long as you already have Prime membership, you do not have to pay extra for the delivery service.

Honorable Mentions

3. Vons 

I have not yet tried the Vons app, but for those who are used to shop at Von, this app is for you. As long as you meet the $30 requirement, Vons can deliver to most Los Angeles zip codes. Vons charges $9.95 for every order. However, you get your first delivery for free for your first order.

4. yummy.com

I’ve also heard good things about yummy.com. Haven’t tried it yet, but I heard they carry smaller brands such as Coolhaus, Amy’s, Harmless Harvest, and Tom’s of Maine, in addition to the big, mainstream players. The delivery fee is only $6.99 per order, and it is free if you purchase over $125.


Here are my two cents on grocery delivery services in the Los Angeles area. I would recommend Amazon Fresh, as it has the lowest cost but comes with the most benefit, which is everything Amazon membership has to offer. Instacart is good, but it’s full of surprises. Vons and Yummy are a little too costly for me, and I don’t shop with them anyway. Alright, I’m out. Peace. 

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