Top Shelf Non-Sitcom Comedian-Auteur TV Shows to Watch in 2020


Non-sitcom, you said? Yes, non-sitcom. We all know comedian-auteurs mostly produce sitcoms like Seinfeld. However, some of the comedians are not just limiting themself to just sitcoms. Instead, they use comedy as a tool to tell serious stories that can be quite realistic and depressing. The 2 shows I put on the list are my personal favorites, and I hope they can be great additions to your watch list. Oh, you can find all 2 of them on Netflix.

1. F is for Family (2015)

F is for Family (2015) is an ongoing show created by Bill Burr. It portrayed the Murphy family in the 70s when children were not protected by seatbelts, and one can still get away with drinking and driving. Behind its raunchiness, it tells heartwarming stories about how the Murphy family members divide and clash with each other and always stick together in the end.

(F is for Family)

The type of humor of F is for Family is raunchy and crude, yet brilliant, which you can find the “Bill Burr style” jokes between the lines. One of my favorites is when Sue has to sell Tupper ware to an overweighted lady while her husband Frank waits in the car. As he is waiting impatiently, he yells, “Come on, why are you selling to her? Look at her; she’s never had leftovers in her entire life!” It is very well-written and well-delivered, but this show might not be for you if you are offended by this type of humor.

(Bill Burr)

Some of the audiences might be pretty put off by F is for Family. The characters do not censor their foul language; there are garbage and pollution everywhere. When the characters do get hurt and sick, they draw them most realistically. I personally like that level of realism, even though sometimes certain scenes do gross me out. For example, when the second son of the family has to visit the football stadium restroom, he has to stare at the hairy male genitals, urine, and the puke because the urinal is just up to his eye level. He is pretty traumatized, of course. That scene is hyper-realistic and relatable but also grossed me out. However, as someone who has been to the public restroom like that when I was a kid, I totally understand how that can wrack someone’s world view.

(F is for Family)

The show is not afraid to show how ugly, sad, and sometimes disgusting life is while still leaving an uplifting note for every season finale.

(Bill Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long)

2. After Life (2019)

After Life (2019), another ongoing show on Netflix created by Ricky Gervais. It is about a widower, Tony (Ricky Gervais), who struggles to pick up hope since his wife’s death. The tone of the show is dark and depressing, yet sprinkled with the kind of dark humor only Ricky Gervais can create. It makes you feel bad for the main character Tony, but entertained while seeing him tells other people to go fuck themselves. Ricky Gervais plays someone so sad that he thinks his superpower is that he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he wants to people. When it gets too much, he can always kill himself. Trust me, it is a good watch.

However, as brilliant as the show already is, I do see it follows a specific pattern. In the beginning, Tony is numb, lost the will to live, and always mean to everyone. Then he learns someone else’s story that is even sadder than his. He gets a little sentimental. He tries to kill himself, and his dog saves his life when you are so sure that he will die. In the end, he starts to say nice things about people. And then, he gets a setback, and the same thing happens all over again. Well, even though I love the show and the message it sends, the repetitive pattern is the least brilliant part, in my opinion. Again, still a good watch.

Alright, here are the two shows I am recommending for now. Hope you enjoyed reading it and add these two to your watch list if you haven’t already. To be honest, I am a little self-conscious when I write these articles, especially after reading those ones on Vox or Vanity Fair for inspiration. I will keep writing reviews for more shows, movies, or anything I find worth talking about, but it is easy to run out of topics, you know. If there is anything you want me to write about, please comment below. 

Ok, now I have to really honest. This paragraph and the one above are only here to fill the page. Yay, eight words to go. Please, love and goodbye. 

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