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Sibca Awan

Art is never finished, only abandoned, said the famous Leonardo da, Vinci. Every artist, famous or obscure, big or small, and especially talented one needs a platform to exhibit his work. Some artists sell their products directly from their platform and others are just left there in a search of a platform to showcase their work. New and set up craftsmen from famous mediums need another crowd and kinds of revenue. Craftsmanship authorities need to find additionally arising and investable works of art to expand their speculation portfolios.

We are living in an era where everything has been digitalized and represented to you through your smart gadgets’ screens. Not many people go to auction houses to buy their desired items at high rates when everything is done while just sitting and scrolling your smart screens. So here we are adopting a new change and keeping ourselves upgraded by inventing a virtual art selling store, where we connect artists to people who are passionate about masterpieces of art, the appreciative and obligated. is a virtual art gallery and/or exhibition where artists relate to art admirers and aficionados of art so that artists can get the amount and appreciation they deserve for their hard work. It is a virtual and digital platform where you can sell your masterpieces to those who appreciate and value the art, at very moderate and fair prices, without being charged high commissions normally charged at sell off houses and other online commercial centers.

For art aficionados or potentially financial specialists, we will minister art pieces that are ideal for you or your home and as well as business, studios, etc. or on the other hand in case you’re a keen digital currency, financial specialists, you can likewise purchase the comparing artwork in its digital arrangement of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). participates in the arrangement of the art selling center and sales management firm. It has some expertise in deals and showcasing of fine arts by customary specialists, NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) by computerized resource makers, digital forms of money instalments and the executives, coordination, and IT counseling. It works through the accompanying topographical portions: APAC/EMEA/NA: APAC—Asia Pacific; EMEA— Europe, Middle East, and Africa; LAD— Latin America Division; NA— North America.

Regardless of where you live in the world, if you have a smartphone and WiFi, you can browse the online art gallery at the It’s a good marketplace for different artists and art collectors to come and conduct artworks acquisitions.

Moreover, in the future, the new art collectors and aficionados or/and some capitalists are buying and selling the artwork pieces from the comfort of their homes through their smartphones and computers, and those transactions which occur through buying and selling take place on Ethereum protocol. To accomplish this, we will make a stage that transforms illiquid work of art resources into NFT (non-fungible tokens). Those NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) will before long be transferred to our commercial center for all to see and purchase through their smart screens.

By utilizing blockchain innovation, we will pioneer a supportable chance for the two craftsmen and craftsmanship authorities to a direct securing through our internet business commercial center.” says Miyasato Masa, Co-founder of

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