Ways to Relieve Stress While Working from Home

Sibca Awan

Are you searching for ways to relieve stress while working from home? Remote workers have their challenges, because, back in the office you have a schedule, less distraction, and someone who is there to monitor you.


But, when you are flying alone, it could hardly provide you a competitive atmosphere for working, ultimately, it leads to stress. According to OSHA (The Occupational Safety and health administration), stress can cost around $190 billion annually in health care.

But do not worry, we are here to solve this problem for you. Here are the tips that will minimize the stress of remote working and show you the real essence of- being your boss.

Ways to reduce the stress of remote working

1. Understand the power of becoming your boss

According to Ryan Bonnici (formerly G2 Crowd)

“The beauty of remote working is to work on the schedule that suits best for you. but if you are working online all the time it will start burning you quickly. In this regard, one needs to build clear rules of work-life balance.”

2. Organizing your workplace

You must align all the things that you need while working. So, to enjoy the office experience at home. For this reason, just follow some tips mentioned below:

Ø Green scenery by incorporating artificial flowers and plants or indoor plants as well.

Ø Natural light

Ø Water bottle

Ø Scented candles

3. Organize and prioritize

Focus is important to get your desired result. Hence, you need to create your to-do list to handle stress, while working from home. You can do it in the following ways:

Ø Clear goals

Ø Have 2 to 3 that are important to do in a single day

Ø Do not survive the only whirlwind, set your dead-line before the real one

Ø Use calendar

4. Asking for help is ok

Suppose, you have kids in your home, who are perpetually distracting you. In this case, you can ask your partner to help you by sharing responsibilities. So, it will not overwhelm a single person among both of you.

5. Exercise

Exercise is important due to its endorphin-releasing and mood-boosting properties. Moreover, regular 30 mins of activity can increase the mobility; as of the office. Here are the tips to increase activity while remote working:

Ø Join fitness challenges that you can find online from the social media of several fitness influencers

Ø Take walking meetings

Ø Manage chores in the intervals

6. Eat nutritious and healthy foods

You must hear the famous quotation of;

“eat your feelings”.

This is the real phenomenon, most people eat more in stress, which works for their stress management. However, scientifically they are adding more into it.

Hence, to get a healthy stress management you need to eat these:

Ø Complex carbs

Ø Fruits and vegetables

Ø Superfoods like blueberries, Kale, and dark chocolates

Ø Lean proteins

Avoid this:

Ø High in fats

Ø Foods high in refined carbs

Ø Caffeinated drinks

Ø Alcohol

Ø Nicotine

7. Sleep

Stress is connected to chronic insomnia, but you must wonder to know that inability to sleep is one of the symptoms of stress. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, for this, you can use these tips:

Ø Stick to your sleeping pattern

Ø Get the right amount of sleep as per your body requirement

Ø Avoid extra sleeping on weekends

Ø Do not use screens 1 hour before you are going to bed

Ø Take short naps

8. Work on your habits

Managing stress requires a positive mindset. Moreover, quitting bad is possible. You must wonder how?

According to the famous author, Robin Sharma in his famous book “5 am Club”:

“Habits can be built and can be quit in the 66 days cycle, it can be difficult for the first 22 days, but you will see the positive outcomes eventually.”

For this reason, you need to work on:

Ø Resisting perfectionism

Ø Staying positive

Ø Focus on what is a controllable


All in all, once you are following our above-mentioned tips, you will be successful in bringing your stress level down. I hope that you have learned; how to reduce the stress of remote working that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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