US official: Russia seeking military aid from China

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A U.S. official says Russia has asked China for weapons to use in its offensive in Ukraine, a request that has sparked tensions for the war ahead of a meeting in Rome on Monday between aid workers. American leaders and the Chinese government.

Ahead of the talks, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan explicitly warned the Chinese to avoid helping Russia escape a global crisis that has hit Russia's economy. "We will not allow this to continue," he said.

China's prospect of financial aid is one of the main concerns of President Joe Biden. A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive impact, said Russia had recently asked for support from China, including nuclear war, its ongoing military build-up with the US 'Ukraine. The official did not provide further details on the request. The Financial Times and the Washington Post first reported this request.

Biden's government has also accused China of spreading Russian propaganda that could be used as a pretext for Russian President Vladimir Putin's military use of chemical or biological weapons against Ukraine.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has put China in a difficult position with two of its trading partners: the United States and the European Union. China wants to have these markets but has also shown its support for Moscow, joining Russia in announcing "unlimited" friendships.

In a speech to Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, Sullivan will seek a resolution on what Beijing should do in Moscow. "I'm not going to sit here in public and be intimidated," he told CNN in an interview on Sunday. "But what I will tell you is that we are talking to Beijing immediately in secret and there will be consequences" if China helps Russia "compensate" for its sanctions.

"We will not allow this to continue and there is a way of life for Russia by these economic restrictions coming from every country in the world," he said.

In a brief statement on the talks, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian did not comment on Ukraine, saying "the main theme of this meeting is to fulfill the important consensus of the Chinese and United States leaders." States agreed during their secret meeting in November. Last year. " "

"They will change the way we think about international relations with China and the United States on international issues and regional issues of common concern," Zhao said in a statement posted on his website late Sunday.

The White House said the talks would focus on the specific impact of Russia's war on Ukraine on regional security and the world. Biden officials say Beijing is spreading Russian claims that Ukraine used US-sponsored chemical and lethal weapons. They say China provides adequate protection if Russia is pursuing chemical or chemical weapons attacks on Ukrainians.

When Russia began accusing other countries of plotting to launch a chemical or chemical attack, Sullivan told NBC's "Meet the Press," it was a good sign that they could be on the verge of doing so. themselves ".

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on ABC's "This Week" said "we have not seen any evidence of any chemical or biological threat at this time, but we are looking at this. very well. "

Russia's strong accusation of Russian media and Chinese confusion came after Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused her of having no evidence that the U.S. was backing a Ukrainian chemical and weapons lab.

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijian's Regular Press Conference on March 25, 2005, The UN says it has not yet received any information in support of such allegations.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the statement "stupid."

The White House fears that China is backing Russia in the war in Ukraine and hopes to ultimately promote Beijing's 'world vision', who said he is well aware of the regime's views. The person is not authorized to speak in public and speaks anonymously.

Sullivan told "Face the Nation" on CBS that Russia's comments about chemical warfare and leadership were "an indication that the Russians are prepared to do so and are trying to blame elsewhere that no one should fall." for him. "

The international community believes Russia has used chemical weapons to assassinate Putin critics such as Alexei Navalny and former spy Sergei Skripal. Russia has also backed the Assad regime in Syria, which has used chemical weapons against its people during a decade of civil war.

China is one of the few countries to avoid blaming the Russians for their attack on Ukraine. Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed Putin for the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, just three weeks before the Russian invasion on February 15. 24.

During Putin's visit, the two leaders issued 5,000 statements declaring unconditional friendship.

China abstains from the UN vote criticizing Russia and criticizing economic sanctions against Moscow. He showed his support for peace talks and gave his work as a mediator, despite questions about his neutrality and little experience in resolving international disputes.

But questions remain as to how Beijing will isolate the West and put its economy at risk. Sullivan said China and the rest of the world were warned that they could not "fully redeem Russia".

Chinese officials have said Washington will not be able to complain about Russia's actions because the United States has invaded Iraq for some reason. The United States has said it has evidence that Saddam Hussein stole weapons of mass destruction, although none have been found.

On CNN, Sullivan said the administration believed China knew Putin was "plotting" before the invasion of Ukraine. But he said the Chinese government "could not understand its limits, as Putin lied to them as he lied to Europeans and others."

Sullivan and Yang met last for face-to-face talks in Switzerland, where Sullivan raised the Biden regime's concerns about Chinese military aggression against Taiwan, human rights abuses against ethnic minorities, and efforts to suppress pro-democracy protests. Hong Kong.

The meeting opened the way for a three-hour meeting in November between Biden and Xi.

Sullivan will meet Luigi Mattiolo, political adviser to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, while in Rome.

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