Time for some delicious donuts on National Doughnut Day!

Doughnuts are special treats that can fit into almost every occasion. We all are super-excited about National-Donut day. Because this time, all doughnut shops in Seattle are offering some original and classic flavors on June 4th and more this week.

We all are planning to go and try their new flavors on this doughnut day. So I want to share with you my all-time favorite doughnut shops in the Seattle area, where I usually go with my friends.

Frost: This time, it is unveiling a new menu on June 4th. Flavors include Maple Old Fashioned, Glazed Vanilla Cake, Sugar Ring Peach Bismarck, Peaches n Cream French Imperial, and many more. I love this place a lot.

They always offer the best quality and sophisticated flavors of all the items. Eager to try their new ones.

OH Mochi Donuts: Offering Mochi Donut sundaes, root beer floats, blueberry crumble -assembled with a house-made vanilla soft serve on this day.

Dochi: On doughnut day, Dochi is going to announce a fun little giveaway filled with doughnuts, which include cute pens, a stylized mug, and half a dozen of mochi doughnuts. We all are very excited about this cute giveaway.

The original house of doughnuts: What a celebration! To know about their free doughnut with some giveaways to the first 1,000 customers surprised me a lot. I usually love this place a lot because of its quality and prices.

Legendary Doughnuts: Yes, We can say that this day is full of surprises. What a chance to win a giveaway! It includes a dozen doughnuts per month for a year, a $50 Legendary gift card, and more! We will surely go to try out their best giveaways.

We all will surely go to try out their new flavors and giveaways on this weekend's visit.

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