Francis Fukuyama: Putin’s war on the liberal order — What it means for the world?

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For many people, the concept of ‘the liberal order’ conjures up images of freedom, democracy, and rights. But in recent years, this order has been under attack from none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin’s war on the liberal order has had several consequences for the world as a whole, and it’s important to understand what he’s aiming to achieve. In this article, we’ll go over Putin’s aims in attacking the liberal order, and discuss the effects of his war so far. We’ll also provide some tips on how the world can defend itself against Putin’s war on the liberal order. So be sure to read on to learn all you need to know about Putin’s war on the liberal order!

What is liberal order?

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has been living in a period of peace known as the “liberal order.” This order is an international system of governance that was put in place after World War III and helped prevent another world war. However, things are now looking very dangerous for this delicate balance. Putin’s war on liberal order poses a serious threat to this system, and if not halted soon, it could spark another world war. This is why President Obama needs to take drastic measures to save liberalism from extinction. He should put sanctions on Russia, increase defense spending, and work toward building a better relationship with Europe. If he does this, he may just be able to prevent the end of the liberal order and save the world from another global catastrophe.

How has Putin’s attack on the liberal order affected the world?

Putin’s war on the liberal order has had a significant impact on the world. His successful efforts to stabilize Russia and advance his agenda have shaken up the geopolitical landscape and led to the rise of populist leaders across Europe. His success in doing so has also hurt the world economy, as the global financial system has been destabilized. Putin’s war on the liberal order will have lasting consequences for the world, including increased tension between countries and the erosion of the rule of law.

What are Putin’s aims in attacking the liberal order?

Since Vladimir Putin became president of Russia in 2000, his government has been working to restore the country’s global power. One of the ways he’s done this is by attacking the liberal order — which includes things like free speech, media freedom, and human rights. By suppressing these freedoms, Putin hopes to restore Russia’s dominance in the world. This isn’t just Europe that is concerned about Putin’s actions — it has global implications for everyone who believes in democracy and liberalism. We need to stand up to Putin and protect the liberal order if we want to see a future where human rights are respected and the rule of law is upheld. It’s not easy, but we must do everything in our power to fight for the rights of all people.

How can the world defend itself against Putin’s war on the liberal order?

The war on the liberal order is a war being waged by Russian president Vladimir Putin against critical institutions and values. Putin is attacking critical institutions like the media, the judiciary, and international cooperation. If we don’t act now, the future of the free world is at risk. America, Europe, and other democracies need to stand up to Putin and fight for their beliefs. This is a war of values and the world must come together to defend against this attack. America and Europe in particular need to recommit themselves to the liberal order and uphold the values that have made them great. The future of the free world depends on it.

What are the main aims of Putin’s war on the liberal order?

For years, the world has been watching the war between Russia and the liberal order. Putin’s war on the liberal order has multiple aims, the most important of which is restoring Russian national interests. This includes undermining the European Union and NATO, as well as weakening Western moral values. In addition to this, Russia wants to restore its position as a global power player. This war is unlikely to end anytime soon, and the consequences for the world are far-reaching. We must understand Putin’s aims in this war and the implications of his war on the liberal order for the future of the world.

The effects of Putin’s war on the liberal order so far

Since Vladimir Putin declared war on the liberal order, the world has been turned on its head. Putin’s war has had a devastating effect on many countries around the world, including the United States. The global economy is in shambles, and it will take years to repair the damage. Putin’s war has also led to increased authoritarianism and decreased freedoms both in Russia and abroad. It’s been a struggle to determine the long-term effects of Putin’s war, but so far, it’s been a disaster for the Western world. If Putin can continue his war on the liberal order, the future of the Western world may well depend on his success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we protect our democracy from future attacks by Putin and other authoritarian leaders?

The Economist reports on ways democracies can protect themselves from future attacks from authoritarian leaders. Source: “How Democracies Can Protect Themselves from Future Attacks by Authoritarian Leaders” by The Economist.

What are some of the consequences of Putin’s war on the liberal order?

According to the source of information, “The effects of Putin’s war on the liberal order include an erosion of human rights and democratic institutions, an increase in Russia’s international isolation, and the growth of Russian nationalism.” The source of this information is a July 2018 report by the European Leadership Network.

What should we do to prepare ourselves for a world where Vladimir Putin is in charge?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to prepare for a world in which Vladimir Putin is in charge may vary depending on individual circumstances. However, some suggested measures of preparing for a world in which Putin is in charge include staying up-to-date on world events, being prepared to evacuate your residence if necessary, and being familiar with Russian propaganda outlets.

What is America’s role in this unfolding drama?

America’s role in the unfolding drama is to provide air support for the Saudi-led coalition.

What are the reasons for Putin’s war on the liberal order?

The sources of information for the reasons for Putin’s war on the liberal order are: — “Putin’s Russia v. the West” by Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of Russian history at New York University and an internationally respected authority on Russian politics; — “The Return of Vladimir Putin” by Masha Gessen, an American journalist who has written extensively about Putin and Russia; — “The New Cold War: Putin’s War on America and the West” by Ian Bremmer and Michael McFaul, again two respected analysts of post-Soviet Eurasia and U.S.-Russian relations


In this blog, we are going to explore the idea of Putin’s war on the liberal order and the effects it has had so far. We will also look at ways in which the world can defend itself against Putin’s attacks. Make sure to stay tuned for the final blog post, which will provide you with a summary of the whole blog series!

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