Secret historic mineral spring waters in North Carolina

The Historic Spring ~ As far back as the 1830's, clear cool spring water attracted travelers to the site of "Cold Springs Campground" and what is now Cold Springs United Methodist Church. The road in front of the church at that time was known as Fayetteville Road and people of the area followed it to Fayetteville for supplies. The water has been consumed by people, who for generations, have recognized it for its pure quality and great refreshing taste. It would be easier to turn on the tap or buy a bottle, but this they say is water free from chemicals and filled with more minerals. The water comes in and goes out, same as it did over 150 years ago. The water never stays still and looks just like it always has. Long time member Bill Krimminger checked the water flow and found that the spring furnishes six gallons of water per minute. A path was cleared to the spring, and for many people the spring provided all of their water needs for days. The path stayed busy with people from

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