Science Has Finally Found a Potential Solution for Garlic Breath


Garlic, though a popular culinary spice, also carries a notorious reputation for causing bad breath. Despite rigorous oral hygiene, the stubborn, sulfurous, and unpleasant aroma of garlic often persists.

Enter Dr, Sheryl Barringer, a food scientist from The Ohio State University, who has been at the forefront of combating garlic breath. Barringer's research has led her to identify various potential solutions against garlic breath, including apples, mint, and milk. Her latest discovery, however, is a game-changer: yogurt.

In a recent study, Dr. Barringer and her colleagues observed a striking reduction in sulfurous gases – by 99% – when yogurt was added to a jar of raw garlic. This effect remained significant, even when the garlic was fried, though frying itself reduces the potency of garlic's odor-producing compounds.

Further investigations revealed that both butterfat and milk protein in yogurt are more efficient in neutralizing garlic's volatile compounds than water, rendering these ingredients as "excellent treatments."

This aligns with Dr. Barringer's prior research, which highlighted the superior performance of high-fat milk over fat-free milk in mitigating garlic breath.

The finding about proteins was surprising. Proteins bind flavors and are often seen negatively due to flavor diminution, but they now emerge as a boon against garlic breath. More experimentation also found that yogurt's acidity plays a role in enhancing proteins' ability to bind with the volatile compounds of garlic.

Dr. Barringer advises that, similar to apples, yogurt should be consumed immediately after garlic intake for optimal results. While the effect of yogurt on actual garlic breath in humans is yet to be verified, this discovery opens new avenues in dietary solutions for garlic breath.

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