VAERS Reports Misused to Claim COVID Vaccines Killed Hundreds of Thousands of People


A recent video, circulating on social media platforms, features Steve Kirsch, a known spreader of COVID-19 misinformation, making alarming claims about the COVID-19 vaccines, alleging they have caused a significantly higher number of deaths than officially reported. This article aims to dissect these claims, shedding light on the scientific facts and offering a balanced perspective on vaccine safety.

Kirsch's assertions, originating from a video excerpt of the “Expert Panel Discussion on COVID-19 and Medical Freedom,” claim that the death rates post-vaccination are underreported by a factor of 41, translating to an alarming 410,000 deaths, as opposed to the 10,000 deaths recorded in the VAERS database.

He further alleges a correlation between the vaccines and a surge in blood clotting, citing conversations with an embalmer who reportedly observed blood clots in 93% of deceased individuals post-vaccination.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a voluntary reporting system where individuals can report any adverse reactions experienced post-vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) meticulously assess these reports to identify any genuine safety concerns. It is crucial to note that a report to VAERS does not establish causality between the vaccine and the adverse event.

VAERS serves as an early warning system to detect patterns in adverse events, which are then subject to further scientific investigation. The site even has a disclaimer, stating that “a report to VAERS does not mean that the vaccine caused the adverse event, only that the adverse event occurred sometime after vaccination”.

But the system is not without its limitations, as it is susceptible to the inclusion of false reports, necessitating rigorous evaluation to ascertain the plausibility of vaccine-related causes.

Kirsch's assertion of an underreporting factor of 41 is derived from a flawed analysis comparing hospital reporting rates of post-vaccination anaphylaxis and VAERS reporting rates.

Dr. Jeffrey Morris, a renowned biostatistician, has highlighted the implausibility of this underreporting rate, pointing to studies that have found much lower underreporting factors for various vaccines. The scientific consensus indicates that death, being a severe adverse event, would likely have a lower underreporting rate compared to less severe events like anaphylaxis.

Multiple studies have consistently shown that vaccinated individuals exhibit lower rates of non–COVID-19 mortality compared to their unvaccinated counterparts. For instance, a comprehensive study in Indiana, encompassing over 520,000 individuals, revealed a 37% lower all-cause mortality rate in the vaccinated group.

The assertion that 93% of deceased individuals had blood clots post-vaccination also lacks substantiation and scientific validity. It is essential to understand that blood clotting is a natural occurrence post-mortem (after death) due to stagnant blood flow.

While certain vaccines have been associated with a marginally elevated risk of specific clotting disorders, the risk of clotting and cardiovascular complications is significantly higher with a COVID-19 infection. Moreover, vaccines play a pivotal role in mitigating the risk of severe COVID-19, subsequently reducing the likelihood of developing blood clots.

In conclusion, the surge in VAERS death reports post the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is attributable to the enhanced reporting requirements and does not imply a causal relationship between vaccination and increased deaths. With such a massive population getting the COVID-19 vaccine, it's not unnatural to see a spike in post-vaccine adverse events (which, again, does not mean the vaccine caused the adverse event) compared to previous years.

It is imperative to approach vaccine-related information with a discerning eye, relying on credible scientific research and expert opinions to form balanced and informed perspectives on vaccine safety and efficacy.

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