Autopsies Findings of Vaccinated People (with mRNA vaccine)


There’s nothing more powerful than seeing reality for oneself. That’s why an autopsy, ‘the act of seeing for oneself’ in Greek, the dissection of a dead body to reveal the inner physiology, is gold-standard for finalizing the cause of death.

What happened inside the body of people who died shortly after getting the Covid-19 vaccines then? Was the vaccine involved in the cause of death or not? Knowing this is crucial for reasons such as claiming a pension, ensuring the public that potential vaccine complications are investigated, and evaluating or disproving claims of vaccines killing people.

In a study published last month, titled "Autopsy findings of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths in Tokyo Metropolis, Japan, 2021," Suzuki et al. from the Tokyo Medical Examiner’s Office in Japan described the autopsy findings of 54 individuals (34 men, mean age of 68 years, ranging from 24–91 years) who died within 7 days of vaccination.

Among those 54 individuals, 37 and 6 received Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, respectively, and the remaining 11 cases had unknown vaccine history was unknown for the remaining 11 cases. But most of these 11 cases had likely received the mRNA vaccine, given its widespread use in Japan.

The Tokyo Medical Examiner's Office received all reports of medicolegal deaths, including natural, non-natural, and undetermined deaths that occurred in Tokyo, Japan. Medical examiners therein conduct postmortem examinations (i.e., autopsy) to determine the cause of death of these medicolegal cases, including those who died shortly after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. However, post-covid vaccine deaths with an obvious cause of death, such as accidents, unrelated to the vaccine are usually not autopsied.

Their autopsy procedures include macroscopic and histopathological examinations of tissues and organs, as well as toxicological and blood biochemistry analyses to determine the cause of death. And they paid special attention to signs suggestive of anaphylaxis, thrombosis (i.e., blood clots), myocarditis, and pericarditis, which are the known complications of Covid-19 vaccines.

Based on the autopsy results, the cause of death was natural in 43 cases (i.e., due to diseases), non-natural in 8 cases (e.g., drowning and poisoning), and undetermined in 3 cases.

Among the 43 natural deaths, ischemic heart disease was the most frequent cause of death (in 16 cases). A cause-and-effect relationship to the vaccine was ruled out in 36 cases. In the remaining 7 cases, the cause of death was:

  • Myocarditis in 2 cases who received Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, with a causal link to the vaccine (Figure 1).
  • Myocarditis with pre-existing ischemic heart disease being the competing cause of death in 1 case who received Moderna’s mRNA vaccine. A causal link to the vaccine is unclear.
  • Ischemic colitis secondary to superior mesenteric artery thrombosis (blood clots blocking intestinal blood supply) in 1 case who received Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine. A causal link to the vaccine is unclear.
  • Transverse sinus thrombosis (blood clot in the brain) in 1 case with unknown vaccine history. A causal link to the vaccine is unclear.
  • Pulmonary artery thromboembolism (blood clot in the lungs) in 2 cases, with one case who received Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine and the other case with unknown vaccine history. But organized thrombi were found in these cases. As organized thrombi take 1–3 months to form, the cause of death was unlikely to be related to recent (<7 days) vaccination.

Among the 3 undetermined deaths, a causal relationship to the vaccine was ruled out in 2 cases and considered unknown in 1 case, where slight immune cell infiltration in the heart muscle tissue was observed.
Photo bySuzuki et al. (2022).

Figure 1. Scattered inflammatory cell infiltration (predominantly monocytes, represented by the purple dots) was observed in the interstitial space of cardiomyocytes in one of the two myocarditis cases that are causally linked to the mRNA vaccine. Source: Suzuki et al. (2022).

So, overall, only two of 54 autopsied cases (3.7%) show convincing evidence of the mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis being the cause of death. This also means that most suspicious or suspected cases of post-vaccine deaths are usually due to causes unrelated to the vaccine. These post-vaccine autopsy cases examined also show that the scientific communities and public health authorities are not hiding autopsy reports for fear of vaccines killing people.

Based on German statistics, post-vaccine deaths occur at the rate of <0.00005% (1 in 20,000) of the vaccinated population. If only 3.7% of these deaths are causally linked to the vaccine, it means that vaccine-related deaths only affect 0.000000185% (1 in 5.5 million) of the vaccinated population.

"Our results suggest that the proportion of death by severe adverse events of vaccines is minority in a series of forensic autopsy cases of death following vaccination with COVID-19 vaccines," Suzuki et al. concluded. "Due to the large numbers of people being vaccinated, some people may coincidentally experience medical events (e.g., heart attacks) in the days or weeks after vaccination that may not be related to the vaccination, and such deaths are to be expected inevitably."

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