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Opinion: Update on the Tragic Deaths of Two Judson College Students

Sherry McGuinn

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As a longtime resident of Elgin, Illinois, there are many aspects of this old city that I enjoy, and many that I do not.

One of the latter that I've made no secret of as I've written about it before, is the preponderance of street racing among many folks here who appear to have nothing better to do with their time.

I've called the Elgin Police Department on several occasions to express my concern about the speedsters on Congdon Avenue, specifically. I'm still unsure as to what if anything has been done to remedy this. I've received assurances as to they're "looking into it," but that's not enough. We residents shouldn't have to listen to souped-up engines on a daily basis and moreover, people shouldn't lose their lives because of the ignorance of a segment of this community who should know better but apparently don't. Or, don't care.

Remember the two Judson College students who were killed as a result of a horrific crash in April of last year on Route 31?

According to the Daily Herald, the two students had just left a Target store where they were buying snacks for an all-night study session when their car was hit and split in two by 22-year-old Trevon Morris, who was clocked at 91 mph with four times the legal amount of THC from cannabis, in his system.

The students, Dallas Colburn III and Caleb Jones were both ejected from their vehicle, one thirty-seven feet away and the other, seventy feet.

These young men had everything to live for and instead, were obliterated within seconds.

Morris was racing Kahleel Steele when the accident occurred, resulting in a lifetime of pain for the families of the two students killed.

Because Morris pled guilty, charges of reckless homicide and aggravated street racing were dropped. Steele is being charged with the same and is awaiting trial.

According to the Herald, Morris has been sentenced to twelve years in prison. Am I being a hardliner by declaring that this isn't nearly enough to mitigate the pain and suffering he's caused? And why isn't street racing garnering more attention from our authorities?

In fact, from what I was told by an employee, the speedsters "stage" behind a nearby Jewel-Osco store, which basically means they're gearing up to race.

How about "staging" a squad car there? Just a thought.

Would love to hear yours and thanks for reading.

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