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City of Elgin to Create a Community Task Force on Policing

Sherry McGuinn

If you've ever wanted to have your say, now's the time

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In the past, I've been very vocal about the fact that the Elgin Police Department lacks a strong community presence.

I know this because I live in an area where motorists break the law all day, every day. Street racing is more than an annoyance. It's dangerous as hell and I've just about given up trying to effect change.

I've talked to the police on several occasions as well as one of the city council members and still, the morons behind the wheels of their souped-up cars behave like the Neanderthals they are.

But that said, there might be a change on the horizon. According to the Elgin city website, the city is seeking volunteers for a new, community task force on policing. Here is the info:

With the assistance of facilitators, the community task force on policing will review the policies, procedures, and practices the Elgin Police Department (EPD) employs to determine how EPD can most effectively and equitably deliver law enforcement services to all members of the community. The City intends to undertake a process that openly and objectively examines the means and methods the EPD employs to support and sustain a safe and inclusive community and explores how those means and methods are perceived by the community. The task force’s ultimate objective is to make recommendations for viable solutions to enhance the EPD’s service to and relationship with Elgin’s residents, visitors, businesses, and institutions.

Applications will be reviewed through July 9th. I just filled out mine and I invite anyone who shares the same concerns as I do, and believe that the Elgin Police Department needs to step up their game, to do the same.

You can apply here: cityofelgin.org/taskforceapp.

I applaud the city for instituting this task force and I hope it will help make our community safer for all concerned.

Thanks for reading.

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