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Sherry McGuinn

It's Grubhub or bust


In one of my recent stories about Elgin, I was pretty vocal in my opinion of the town's shortcomings, a lack of decent restaurants that don't all serve the same fare, being one of them.

As you might expect, in return, I received some pretty hateful comments. With that said, it comes with the territory. As writers, we learn early on that we're not going to please everyone, and that's not our job. Instead, our task is to present the facts as best we can.

In my previous story, admittedly, I did receive a couple of helpful responses. I had bemoaned the fact that I couldn't find a decent Thai place near our home and a reader pointed one out, called Toom Toom Thai.

I was pretty jazzed to try this place. The menu featured a lot of my favorite Thai dishes and even better, they delivered. Or so I thought.

To confirm, I called the restaurant three times and received the same voice mail message. "Hello. Thank you for calling. Please leave a message." Or something to that effect.

Who does business like that? "Leave a message?" As it turns out, after doing a little digging, I saw that Toom Toom Thai is on the Grubhub "restaurants that deliver in your area," list. So why the heck couldn't the person who left that cryptic voice mail say just that? "We deliver via Grubhub."

Well, there must be a ton of people "grubbing what they love," because it appears that all the eateries in this area that are even worth a cursory look, use the platform for their deliveries. Even McDonald's delivers with Grubhub!

The company appears to be soliciting drivers constantly, so business must be brisk. No surprise, really, considering our past year in quarantine. Too, according to moneyunder30.com, Grubhub's estimated 82 billion industry is set to double by 2025.

Supposedly, if you sign up for the service you get "exclusive perks" in your email. I'm down with that, but as I haven't ordered food using Grubhub yet, the jury is still out as to their reliability, speed, quality, and the like.

As far as the company's fees, from what I understand, once signed up, you can either pay delivery fees per order, which appears to hover around the six bucks range, or pay $9.99 a month for free delivery on all orders. That would seem to be a no-brainer if you tend to order out a lot.

I have to say, there were an impressive amount of restaurants in and around Elgin on the Grubhub site that offer delivery through the platform. The Asian chain, Big Bowl, in Schaumburg, especially caught my eye as when I lived and worked in the city, BB was a popular lunch spot. I would love to order food from them, just for the retro blast, alone.

Not surprisingly, there are several chains that deliver through Grubhub, like Panda Express and Chipotle. That's a big "meh" for me. But in fairness, they also include places like the Walnut Speakeasy, which I've discovered has phenomenal salads--the strawberry with chicken is the bomb--and joints I never knew existed like Moni's Soulfood Fiesta, At Bangkok Thai Express, Ambrosia Greek Eatery, Capitol Greens and Buffet Chino de Elgin.

Now, many of these places could be busts, but I won't know until I do a deeper dive into this whole Grubhub thing, which, by the way as a formidable foe in Doordash, but for now, I'll focus on "grub what you love."

Ordering through Grubhub just may change my mind about what I consider to be the lack of decent dining in this very old and very large Western suburb. Or, not. But I won't know until I give it a shot.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear about your experience with Grubhub. Please feel free to share and thanks for reading.

"And Toom Toom Thai, change your voice mail, please."

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