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Tyre Nichols: As prosecutors consider more charges, Vice President Kamala Harris will attend the burial.

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At Tyre Nichols' burial tomorrow in Memphis, where the Rev. Al Sharpton will give a eulogy and civil rights lawyer Ben Crump will issue a "call to action" in response to the 29-year-old black man's passing, vice president Kamala Harris will be there.

Steve Mulroy, the district attorney for Shelby County, stated that further charges might be filed against police officers and others about the deadly beating of Nichols.

Seven Memphis Police Department officers have been disciplined as a result of the brutal beating of Nichols earlier this month, which was caught on disturbing video that was made available to the public on Friday.

Five cops were terminated and charged with murder and abduction. Sixth officer Preston Hemphill was placed on paid administrative leave awaiting a hearing, while an unnamed seventh officer was dismissed from duty without pay.

RowVaughn and Rodney Wells, the parents of Nichols, have also agreed to attend president Joe Biden's State of the Union speech the following week.

On Thursday, caucus members will meet with the president to discuss efforts to revive national police reform legislation.

VP Kamala Harris will go to the funeral

Vice President Kamala Harris will attend Tyre Nichols' burial today in Memphis, which will start at 10.30 a.m. central time.

Other mourners include the families of black people slain by police and civil rights activists. Breonna Taylor's mother, Tamika Palmer, and George Floyd's brother, Philonise Floyd, are among the people who are anticipated to attend the funeral at Memphis' Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.

According to Ms Harris' press secretary, Kirsten Allen, other participants will include Mitch Landrieu, a senior adviser and coordinator for infrastructure implementation at the White House, and Keisha Lance Bottoms, a former mayor of Atlanta and current senior adviser to the president for public engagement.

In connection with Nichols' beating on January 7 and subsequent death, five black cops have been dismissed and prosecuted. In addition to the five police officers who are accused of killing Nichols, a video of the assault that was made public last week reveals that many more individuals failed to assist Nichols, who was also black.

According to reports released on Monday, three emergency responders and two additional Memphis police officers have been dismissed in relation to the death of Nichols.

White cop Preston Hemphill and another officer, whose identity was withheld, have both been suspended, according to the police.

No amount of legislation or police reform, according to Jim Jordan, could have stopped the "evil" that led to Tyre Nichols' death beating.

The lawmaker said that the attackers' cops had little regard for human life when speaking on NBC's Meet The Press. He asserted that he "didn't know that any legislation, any instruction, or any reform" would have affected the men's behaviour.

He remarked, "I don't think these five individuals are the great majority of law enforcement, but I don't know if there's much we could do to stop that type of wickedness."

Rep. claims that despite police reform, the 'evil' in the Tyre Nichols beating couldn't have been stopped.

According to Jim Jordan, no amount of legislation or police reform could have stopped the "evil" that led to Tyre Nichols' tragic beating.

The congressman said, during an appearance on NBC's Meet The Press, that the attack's cops lacked regard for human life.

He claimed not to "know that any legislation, any training, or any reform" would have affected the men's behaviour.

He said, "I don't know that there's anything we could do to stop that type of wickedness, but I don't think these five individuals represent the vast, enormous majority of law enforcement." Join our email list.

Authorities in Memphis are being investigated for more accusations.

Following growing criticism of his office's and the Memphis Police Department's handling of the case, Shelby County district attorney Steve Mulroy stated on Tuesday that more criminal charges might be brought against police officers and others in connection with the deadly beating of Nichols.

Last Monday, second-degree murder charges were brought against five black cops, who were all fired from their positions.

Preston Hemphill, a sixth officer, was suspended from duty shortly after the incident on January 7 but has not yet been prosecuted criminally, the department reported on Monday.

Calls for local police officials and prosecutors to be more open about the circumstances of the incident have increased since video footage of the deadly encounter with police was made available to the public on Friday.

This is because the initial police reports do not match what was seen in the videos.

The family of Tyre Nichols laments "on holy ground" in Memphis

Tyre Nichols' family was sharing memories and expressing sadness on the day of his burial. Tyre Nichols passed just days after he was brutally beaten by Memphis police officers within minutes of his house.

The five cops, who have been charged with second-degree murder and other felonies, attacked Nichols with their fists and feet, and Nichols' older brother, Jamal Dupree, expressed regret that he was not there to protect him.

Dupree remarked, "I've been fighting my whole life, and the one battle I needed to be here for, I wasn't here." He said that his brother was not a violent person by nature.

He claimed, "My brother was the most tranquil guy I've ever encountered in life." "My brother would advise us to do this calmly if he were here today and needed to say anything," the speaker said.

The family convened on Tuesday night to discuss Nichols and the most recent developments in the case at the historic Mason Temple Church of God in Christ in Memphis, which is also the location of Martin Luther King Jr.'s last address before his assassination.

Jim Jordan faces criticism for his statement.

Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, has come under fire for claiming that no law could have stopped the police brutality that killed Tyre Nichols, 29, in Memphis, Tennessee.

One Twitter user remarked on Mr Jordan's lack of initiative: "Seeing something without knowing how to assist and choosing to try nothing is just as horrible as seeing something you know how to stop and doing nothing."

"It's so much simpler to shrug off any talent than it is to attempt." "I'd say that's lazy," a third said.

"With regard to the halt itself, I'll be open with you." According to what was reported, irresponsible driving was observed, police chief Cerelyn Davis told CNN on Friday.

"We have examined cameras. Body cameras have been examined. We haven't been able to corroborate anything that may have happened before this halt, even if it did. She said, "We've looked quite hard to figure out what that probable cause was, and we haven't been able to substantiate that."

"There is no proof, but that doesn't imply that something didn't happen." The Nichols family does not believe the police's account of what happened.

During a news conference on Friday, Ben Crump, an attorney representing the Nichols family, stated, "We don't know anything other than what we got to see on the video."

They claim that he was driving carelessly. We must observe it. We cannot simply accept their word for it.
PolicePhoto byMaick MacielonUnsplash

Memphis' Scorpion unit is one of many in the US to attract attention.

Before veering onto the sidewalk, a vehicle with darkly tinted windows circles the block a few times. Before red and blue lights flash or an officer cries "police," a few armed plainclothes police officers rush out and force everyone out of a double-parked automobile so they may inspect it, striking dread.

Every day, the same sight occurs in hundreds of locations around the nation.

Tyre Nichols was beaten and killed by five former Memphis police officers who were part of a plainclothes anti-crime task force.

Tyre Nichols' killing has reignited interest in squads that are frequently connected to an excessive amount of use-of-force events and complaints from civilians.

Just hours after the publication of footage showing the Scorpion unit's officers engaging in instant and sustained aggressiveness, Memphis police authorities, who had earlier defended the team, dissolved the team permanently on Saturday.

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