Unsolved Texas Shooting: The Tragic Death of Brenton Estorffe


The story of a 29-year-old dad who died on his birthday

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Brenton Estorffe was a fine young Australian man. He moved to the US in 2011 for his higher education. He loved playing football and even hoped to play in the NFL someday. Brenton was the funny guy whom everyone loved.

Back in the early 2010s, Brenton met his soulmate, Angeleanna. The two hit it off instantly and got married in 2015. The couple began their happily married life in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. They also had two kids, Eliana and Asher.

Now, the suburb they chose was Katy, a neighborhood that had a low crime rate. It was also a peaceful, scenic place for families and kids.

Brenton worked at a car agency, and he was a star employee. He worked so hard and well there that he got promoted to manager quickly. His friendly and humorous personality made everyone love him.

Yet, things didn’t go so well for the 29-year-old man.

Not So Happy Birthday

On October 15, 2019, the Estorffe family began their day joyously. It was the day before Brenton’s 29th birthday, and the family spent their time making plans. Angeleanna baked brownies, and the kids sang songs for his birthday.

That night, after celebrating their dad’s birthday, the kids went to bed. Angeleanna and Brenton also retired to their room, feeling happy and content.

Little did they know that the incredible day was going to end tragically.

October 16, 2019

Just after midnight, Brenton and Angeleanna woke up, startled. Someone had broken into their house.

When Brenton got up to check, two armed men entered his room and shot him. Wounded yet scared for his family, Brenton fought the two men out of the room. Despite the fierce struggle, he made sure he took the men away from his family.

Once he was away, Brenton tried to push those guys out of the house. However, before fleeing from the scene, the intruders fired at him again. They left poor Brenton bleeding and fighting for his life.

The 911 call

Angeleanna, terrified to leave the room, frantically called 911.

On the call, Angeleanna tried to explain the situation. She was scared and sad. She heard the gunshots and knew her husband was down. Yet, she didn’t know if the intruders had left. So, she couldn’t leave her place, leaving the kids alone.

A neighbor heard the gunshots and rushed to Estorffe’s house. He tried hard to resuscitate Brenton but was unsuccessful.

Brenton Estorffe had passed away on his 29th birthday.

Police Investigation

The crime scene baffled the police.

The intruders entered the house despite the two cars in the driveway. Their house was also covered with Halloween decorations, showing children’s presence. But none of these deterred the thieves.

The intruders had come in from the backyard. They broke the fence and a window to gain access to the property. But they took nothing from the house, nor was anything misplaced. It seemed like they touched nothing.

The intruders knew the Estorffes were home, but they still broke in. The shattered glass caused a lot of noise that even neighbors came running. Yet, they fled the scene with nothing.

Was their motive just robbery?

Theory #1

Now, in such cases, the police unusually unearth dubious stories of the victims. They have secret double lives that no one knew. We’ve heard of soccer moms being escorts, ordinary mothers being kidnappers, Uber drivers turned mass murderers, and chess players being serial killers.

But Brenton’s life had no such twists. He was a kind person who harmed no one. He was a typical family man who avoided conflicts to live with his wife and children peacefully.

The police ruled out this theory.

Theory #2

The police then saw the case from a different point of view. They speculated the Estorffes were unintended targets.

The Estorffes had moved into the neighborhood only six months before the unfortunate event. So, the police suspected that maybe the attack was meant to be on the previous residents. Or it could’ve been a wrong address. The neighborhood already saw a domestic shooting case a few weeks ago. Perhaps the two events were related?

Current Situation

The investigation of Brenton Estorffe’s death is still ongoing. So, while the police haven’t released a lot of information to the public, they gave some updates on crucial pieces of information:

  1. The police found CCTV footage of a car speeding away from the scene. They believe it was the vehicle used by the intruders. It is a light-colored 4-door sedan with a sunroof.
  2. The police also published a crude description of the intruders. They also set up a reward of US$25,000 for any credible information on the case.
  • They described the first guy as a medium-built, dark-skinned male, about 5-foot-11. The criminal was wearing a dark hoodie on the day of the crime.
  • The second guy was also dark-skinned, 6 feet tall, had a slim build and a buzz cut.
  • The police speculate about the involvement of a third person who kept the getaway car ready.

The victim’s supposed relative took to social media comments to claim that the police are now looking into a drug-handling group. They believe that there was a misunderstanding with the address, and Brenton wasn’t the target. Whether this is true, we’ll only know after the investigation concludes.


This story is simply heartbreaking. A family filled with happiness and joy was destroyed, and they still don’t know why. He didn’t deserve this injustice.

Most of Brenton’s family lived in Australia and couldn’t come to his funeral, but they cherished him. They took to social media to talk about him with pride. Brenton’s parents claimed Brenton was the kind of person they wanted as their son. They were super proud of his brave act.

Brenton Estorffe was a hero who saved his family by giving up his. And that’s the story his kids would remember.

“He gave his life in defense of his family. What more honor can you bestow upon an individual than that,” — Troy Nehls, Fort Bend County Sheriff and retired Army Reserve Major.

PS. If you have any information on this case, please reach out to the Katy Texas PD at +1 281–391–4848 or Fort Bend County Crime Stoppers.


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